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3년 전 is a modern thought financial firm. Between its services, it offers: an innovative Crypto Exchange, Different Investment Opportunities, A next level ICO Consultancy, a diversity of Promotions, and Affiliate revenue streams.

I wrote about its innovative Crypto Exchange in another post , and here I will focus on its next level ICO consultancy services. ICO Consultancy

It is important to note that in their 2 month ICO, was able to raise 31 million USD. There are 3 key details that ICO services can give you:

Huge Expertize on the Arena: Its team is not only made of cryptocurrency experts. They also have a lot of experience in finance and investment.

Massive Network of Connections: They have the contacts to connect projects to an important community of investors, and leading professionals, in both worlds: the cryptocurrency and corporate.

Complete Understanding of the Process: They have gone through all the ICO process, and will guide you from the Start to the Finish line.

Here is a list of things that will be done during their ICO Consultancy process:

  1. Get Insights of important details to take into account for the ICO
  2. The Whitepaper creation and review
  3. Find the most adequate advisors and influencers that will share the word on your ICO
  4. Create a well developed Smart Contract
  5. Audit of the Tokens, to make sure they are on the best possible exchanges and with liquidity
  6. A detailed ICO roadmap plan, to execute everything as expected
  7. Fundraising with investors by organizing roadshows and investor meetups around the world
  8. Access to the Community to accelerate adoption
  9. ICO marketing to spread the word
  10. And for sure get listed on Exchange

You may learn more about the ICO consultancy on the 1 page ICO Advisory services.

You may check more details about on its website.

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