7-Day Positivity Challenge – Day 2 [ilhuna]

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This challenge was started by @conradt, and its purpose is to get the best out of our days, focus on the good things however simple they are and let those things be those who define our day as a positive day. I really liked the idea of this challenge, and I will start in a very enthusiastic way.

This is my second entry for the 7 days positivity challenge.


Know the father of ilhuna!

This is my handsome father when he was young

This is my father, a person who has worked all his life, from an early age. He was raised by a man who was not his biological father, but he taught him how to be a great father of good values.

He has always supported me in all things, he has been that great accomplice in some adventures, he has lived my anguish and that of my brothers with us. He has never turned his back on us, that is why I think he is a great man, not only with his family but also with his friends.

He was born among many siblings of different mothers, my grandfather, his father, raised 5 children, she was very brave in doing so, and always taught them to work for what they wanted. Then from a very young age he worked to buy his first car, to support his children (my brothers) and me.

Mom and dad when they were young

A very romantic and athletic man when he met mom, had a youthful romance and very innocent but at the same time very naive, in one of his carelessness, my mother became pregnant with my father at age 15.

Very young, but she did not know about contraceptive methods, she did not know anything about that, or I really do not know if by that time sex was as naturalized as it is today.

The important thing is that he was always with Mom.

Is a boy! this is a picture of my parents with their first child and my grandfather (dad of my mom), my older brother

Dad with my middle brother

He practiced baseball and softball, is the sport that touches his heart, he feels a great passion for him, that even today he is in charge of organizing teams and scoring the games.

Over time the age began to charge all things and developed diabetes, he stopped eating healthy and began to eat badly and that caused that disease. He came to be at a weight of almost extreme obesity, but after some relapses with the disease decided to make a change.

Of course, he was never as thin again as he was in his youth, but he lost a lot of weight and managed to be healthy again. Something for which I feel very proud.

This picture was taken in Chichiriviche, Falcón, Venezuela.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my father's birthday, and I finally managed to give him a nice day, as he deserves it.

Today's selfie

As I am the only one among my brothers who are close to him, I decided to take him to a nice restaurant, to eat his favorite food.

He was enjoying his soup of meat, doesn't matter where you take my dad to eat to, he always ask for a soup

Then to buy his birthday cake.

It tastes better than it looks

Mom, dad and me together tonight before sing Happy Birthday Song!


And all this was possible thanks to Steemit. cora peque.png

It is one of the reasons why I feel happy today, and very grateful to all the people I have met here, the people who have given me their support from the first day, communities like @thealliance, some others from @opgaming, @steemgc, @reveur, @cervantes, @codebyte, @srcianuro, and persons like @curie, @enginewitty, @c0ff33a, @thekittygirl, @anomadsoul and @terrycraft. Even @shadowspub for his great project Pimp Your Post Thursday every Thursday in the Steemit Ramble discord cora peque.png

Each small contribution counts to make a difference, and I've worked hard to create good content, felt good to have the chance to give my father a nice day.

Thanks to all of you peoples.



Now is your turn:

cora peque.pngWrite a post about something you have to be postive about today - this could be anything from being thankful for your current situation, someone being nice to you, being thankful for your friends and family, or even being thankful for the oppurtunity you have been given here on Steemit - just keep it positive :)
cora peque.pngDo this for 7 days in a row if you get nominated
cora peque.pngMention three people who should do this on each day.
cora peque.pngTag it with #sevendaypositivity or #7daypositivitychallenge, dont forget to include these rules at the bottom of your post.
cora peque.pngInclude a picture of something positive (related to your story if possible).

cora peque.pngI nominate @jzerpa, @ddrfr33k, and @elizacheng


Thanks for be here!
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What a wonderful tribute, it is so good to see you all so happy and I am so glad to see that steemit was able to help you with this.


Steemit breaks the barriers and is able to fulfill dreams!! Even the small ones, thanks for reading me DQmYsdxDZCM9LzTF5b8kpYG1RT7tors6DtDcCiYXU2AibpT.png

This is such a fantastic and heart warming post, so wonderful to see you and your Dad together devoted family.

In the last set of pictures it is wonderful to see you all Happy together, and you and your mum are so alike - quite incredible.

I hope my friend @crisangel will pop over and leave his own comment for you as well because you are relatively in the same region?

#thealliance #witness


Oh, yeah, @crisangel an I are from the same country. It was pretty nice to do this for dad, I couldn't explain it properly because talking about something so personal is always hard, even for me, a person who is always talking about it in art hahaha.

Thank you for being here and for reading, and for your support.

Feeling lucky because all the magic people I've meet here. DQmYsdxDZCM9LzTF5b8kpYG1RT7tors6DtDcCiYXU2AibpT.png

Once I thought I could reach the rhythm of visits to publications, but every day I think you are a jajja machine. I also believe that I can not reach that rhythm either, since my connection problems do not improve.

This is such a sweet story! I am so glad you were able to make your father's birthday happy for him and do special things! I like the photos and the shots of you and him together will be something you can cherish for always. 🤗

This is such a beautiful post full of positivity and love for your dad. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful day.

Aw the post is really heartwarming and happy belated birthday to your papá. That soup casserole is huuuuge and I am sure that cake is tasty. Sure he will cherish the moment.


Parents deserve the best always :-) !! Thanks for your comment honey DQmYsdxDZCM9LzTF5b8kpYG1RT7tors6DtDcCiYXU2AibpT.png

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Woow, es sorprendente que después de haber estado tan flaco, se convirtió en una persona obesa, gracias a Dios logro volver a un peso corporal más normal. Es un padre verdaderamente admirable, una de las cosas que lo hace increíble, es que, a pesar de la edad que tuvo a su primer, mantuvo el valor para quedarse y no darle la espalda a la realidad, muchos no lo hacen y terminan alejándose tanto de la madre como del niño, (lo digo por experiencia propia). Hey, puedo darme cuenta que si le gusta la sopa, por ese tremendo plato -o más bien olla- donde tiene servida la sopa jajaja, ya creo que si le gusta mucho jajaja. Veo que tienes una combinación inconfundible, los ojos de tu papi y la cara de tu mami, se ven muy lindos juntos, feliz cumpleaños un poco tarde para su papá, Dios los bendiga y los siga manteniendo unidos, un abrazo de mi parte. Eso es una de las cosas hermosas de la magia de Steem Blockchain, lograr atravesar barreras para convertirse en plena felicidad.
Todos Somos Ropavejeros.

Sii totalmente, él a logrado muchos cambios, por eso lo tomo como ejemplo en la vida. Siempre trabajar por cumplir tus deseos y ese día pude cumplir uno que quería con él. DQmYsdxDZCM9LzTF5b8kpYG1RT7tors6DtDcCiYXU2AibpT.png

This was a wonderful post, thank you so much for sharing! You're family is beautiful and I wish you guys the best! :)

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