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5일 전Receive 0.012 STEEM 다음으로부터: crypto.piotrDear @kabir88, I hope you don't mind this little memo. Great friend of mine is about to become a father (again) and to celebrate this amazing moment I decided to allocate 100% of rewards from my latest post to him as beneficiery. Perhaps you could consider checking out this publication and upvoting it. And don't forget to drop some meaningful comment. I read them all :) Yours, Piotr // "WOULD YOU CONSIDER INVESTING YOUR TIME AND ENERGY into raising kids as investment in your future?": https://steemit.com/charity/@crypto.piotr/would-you-consider-investing-your-time-and-energy-into-raising-kids-an-investment-in-your-future
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16일 전Receive 0.001 STEEM 다음으로부터: smartsteemGreetings kabir88! We're messaging you to inform you about some important changes we have introduced to our delegation model. You might have already noticed a downward trend in revenue over the last couple of days, which originated from HF21 & EiP and its effect on the ecosystem. There is a new word floating around: #NewSteem, which is a symbol to re-create our beloved blockchain. And in this spirit, after a long thought process, we came to the conclusion to stop the promotion service with @smartsteem and switch over to manual curation. Our goal with this is to attract skilled and valuable people to Steem and to retain them here, which ultimately should have a net-positive on Steem in general. Now, here is the important part, that you want to know about: we've changed the revenue model from profit-sharing to distributing our own "token" called SmartPoints. For more detailed information on what SmartPoints are and what you can do with it, please head over to https://steemit.com/smartsteem/@smartsteem/introducing-smartpoints - If you want to keep your delegation, we would be thrilled, but we can also understand that you might want to undelegate or change the delegation. One of the ways you can do this is on our website: https://smartsteem.com/settings/delegation - With this said, we want to thank you for supporting Smartsteem with your delegation and wish you all the best, however you might choose to go forward! Sincerely, Team Smartsteem
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29일 전Receive 0.003 STEEM 다음으로부터: crypto.piotrDear @kabir88, I hope you don't mind this little memo. I've noticed that we both seem to share some interests with Libra and I would like to share with you link to publication by my good friend @honarparvar, where we're discussing "Why Libra is getting so much attention". Personally I believe that this project isn't receiving enough attention and I would like to ask about your own feedback. I read and upvote all interesting comments. Yours, Piotr // LINK: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@crypto.piotr/pwmocg
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지난달Receive 0.002 SBD 다음으로부터: reverseacidHello @kabir88 How are you doing buddy? Do you remember the first time you can on Steem and wrote your first post? Well, after much pursuasion I have concinved my close friend @santhimnahar to join in on Steemit and dscover its capabilities. If you don't mind, I'd love if you could head over to his page and check out his first post. It will give him the push he needs. I am sure you will find it quite engaging. If you wish to stop receiveing the memos, please do let me know. Have a great weekend. Link: https://steemit.com/@santhimnahar/why-generalists-are-going-to-thrive-how-to-learn-anything-faster
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