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4개월 전송금 25.070 STEEM 다음에게: dlikedex{"id":"ssc-mainnet1","json":{"contractName":"steempegged","contractAction":"buy","contractPayload":{}}}
5개월 전송금 25.054 STEEM 다음에게: steemscan
5개월 전송금 125.059 STEEM 다음에게: steemscan
6개월 전송금 24.975 STEEM 다음에게: steemscan
7개월 전송금 49.920 STEEM 다음에게: steemscan
7개월 전송금 49.880 STEEM 다음에게: steemscan
8개월 전Claim rewards: 0.005 STEEM POWER
8개월 전Claim rewards: 0.277 STEEM POWER
8개월 전송금 24.965 STEEM 다음에게: ionomy5e89f6a7a2a3e26cd00affa2
8개월 전Start power down of 331.095 STEEM
8개월 전Claim rewards: 0.085 STEEM POWER
8개월 전Claim rewards: 0.120 STEEM POWER
8개월 전Claim rewards: 2.615 STEEM POWER
8개월 전Receive 0.005 STEEM 다음으로부터: crypto.piotrThe reason why I'm sending you those 2 memos (hopefully you don't mind) is quite simple. If you found yourself in similar situation and you're planning to be active mostly on new HIVE chain (and at the same time hold on to your current staked steem) - then perhaps for the time being you could consider delegating your SP to @project.hope. WE SHARE 100% curation rewards with delegators (WEEKLY PAYOUTS), so you could consider it to be a PASSIVE INCOME. More info on my latest post. Yours, Piotr // LINK:
8개월 전Receive 0.005 STEEM 다음으로부터: crypto.piotrDear @steemexpress, There has been so much said lately about conflict between Justin vs Witnesses. Upcoming fork seem to be necessary and most users seem to be willing to move to new HIVE chain. For many it's a very difficult decision to be made and I will be facing this dilema very shortly too. In meantime I'm hoping to be able to carry on with @project.hope and maintain growth of our "Project HOPE" community on both chains for as long as it's possible. I simply invested so much time into building our community ( and I'm seriously worried that this time may turn out to be wasted. ONLY TIME WILL TELL.
9개월 전Claim rewards: 1.839 STEEM POWER