Movie Review #29 - The Red Sea Diving Resort

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Chris Evans is going to have a hard time taking off the Capitan America badge and getting to really stand out in other roles, especially because if we're honest before coming to UCM the actor wasn't one of the best in the business. But it's never too late to keep trying, I just hope his next attempts are better than what I saw in The Red Sea Diving Resort, a movie that totally wastes a real story from which they could have gotten something else.

The Red Sea Diving Resort is a film focused on a special operation carried out by a group of agents who want to help free segregated Jews in Sudan, a real drama that doesn't fully establish an intensity that connects us with emotional facts.


Reviewing the plot.

Generally when the creative minds of Hollywood take real stories and transform them into cinematographic productions they usually build great scripts from extremely interesting stories, but I emphasize that "usually" because this time they have not managed to do it, and is that The Red Sea Diving Resort is a film that I personally expected more for the real facts on which it is based, facts that failed to develop into a strong script where the whole film could detach.

In this film we find a cinematographic recreation of the operations carried out by a group of undercover agents that using a tourist resort as a cover managed to take out of Sudan a great amount of Jews who were in deplorable conditions and who also had to constantly deal with all kinds of criticism and abuse. In theory, history had everything to triumph, but it does not, those who took the creative command in this film went down a simple path where the story does not reach a plot climax that makes it stand out. Basically the film lacks intensity and that key suspense in a film that deals with rescues and secret missions, after all, if you establish an atmosphere that is not consistent with what you're telling you can hardly succeed.


The script is totally flat and unemotional, instead is full of technical cliches and arguments that take intensity away from a very serious story, you can not pretend to establish a plot without emotion when your script is full of racial and religious conflicts that constantly clash with the political situation of a country, and an entire community. In the film they show us the Jewish people as fragile people without emotion, that is to say they are an oppressed people that constantly is repressed by all angles and they show it to us but they fail to transmit the claim for freedom, it seems that those that want to be liberated are lacking of courage and emotions, nothing moves them, nothing makes them go forward, they dedicate themselves to go like sheep behind the agents. Basically we have a rescue story where the victims are lacking both intensity and the desire to be free, something that makes the plot meaningless. Another evident problem in the film is the lack of creativity in developing the main argument, I understand that if you base things on real facts you can't change the points of reference of a story so much, but for God's sake they could have included and strengthened some points to make the story stand out.


Exploring the Characters & The Settings.

One thing that is evident in this film is the great cast that the creators made, maybe the plot is weak and that's why they wanted to complement it with acclaimed actors, but they don't achieve it at all. You can have a list of oscar winners but if you give them a weak script they cannot do much to save the story, and it is noticeable. There are no memorable moments, most of the outstanding scenes are made to do it in specific situations from a climax created to give life to that particular scene, what I mean is that the highlights of the performances have been developed separately without being fully integrated into the plot. Yes, we have good moments where we see some interesting dialogues and interactions but mostly the bad and boring moments are the ones that predominate.


Chris Evans doesn't do a bad job, but he doesn't manage to create a character that makes us forget that he is the Captain America, they even dared to use dialogues similar to the ones he use at the UCM, so it's almost impossible not to think that we're seeing the Captain America on a rescue mission, only this time he doesn't have his shield or the avengers to support him. The actor fails to construct a different character, a character that manages to get totally into the drama of a group of people living in extreme conditions. The most outstanding of the actors is undoubtedly Michael Kenneth Williams, because he is the only one who feels real, he is the only one who seems to really belong to the development of the story, the actor manages to convey fear, and an imposing countenance that maintains throughout the film.

Perhaps the most outstanding point of the whole film is the artistic part, where you can see the effort that the creators made to perfectly mimic an era, visually the film is a success for its settings and photography so well suited. The film marvelously manages to move us to a time where many things were happening at the same time, a time of change but also of constant social regression that we see reflected in the people of Sudan.


Without a doubt a disappointing film because of the great expectations that create before its release, I expected something done with more detail and affection to recreate a very complex story full of layers of argument that seems to have been taken to the cinema with simplicity and without emotion. It's not a boring film (fortunately) because the story isn't, but if it's a tedious film to see because of the amount of clichés it has through the development of the story, the plot constantly decays and fails a lot to get away from other similar stories, it follows a simple predictable plot path where the lack of intensity is the most obvious factor.

My Review: 6,3/10

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