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There are currently few action movies that manage to stand out more for their different script and plot than for their well-made action and intensity scenes, and yes that is the main attraction of action movies, their scenes. However, from time to time we see great action movies that also revolve around interesting and different plots and stories, and without a doubt The Accountant is one of those movies, because not only does it give us very well done scenes but it also focuses on an uncommonly explored story seasoned with a different killer, a killer with special needs that make him better than the typical average killer.

The Accountant is a different action movie, with a plot centered on the reactions of its characters to highlight and create a more diverse atmosphere. So diverse that it gives us many excellent dramatic tints, and that makes the movie stand out a lot without separating from the typical path of an action movie.


Going deeper into story.

Typically action films are focused and begin with a climax unleashed from some traumatic moment lived by the protagonist, a protagonist who chooses the path of weapons and consequently unleashes an armed fury that leads to dozens of action scenes. However, here everything is different, in this film things start calmly, we do not have any apparent trauma, on the contrary we begin exploring the protagonist in his natural facet, a facet from which starts his killer instinct but which does not define it completely. We basically have a man with some mental problems carried since his childhood, problems that make him different, that make him meticulous and something obsessive compulsive. In short this man works as an accountant but is not the typical accountant that we usually see behind a desk all day waiting to finish their workday, this is a high-risk accountant that handles the books for dozens of criminal organizations and knowing the risk that represents has been polished over the years to protect itself if necessary.


However, strangely, it is not one of these criminal organizations that puts him at risk, on the contrary it is when he unearths the malversations of a technology company when the whole climax is detonated and when his life and that of another young accountant begins to be in danger, since the person responsible for these malversations tries to silence both of them without knowing that our accountant is a ruthless and precise murderer.

That is basically the center of the story, a very good accountant in the handling of weapons is threatened by a businessman who sends murderers to kill him and who is forced to defend himself and retaliate against the man who got him into all this mess. The plot runs at a very good pace giving us great action scenes, with brilliant choreographies that stand out for the accuracy and coldness of the accountant when it comes to kill their enemies. However, the plot takes a brilliant and somewhat emotional (and bizarre) turn when in the last part of the film the accountant finds that one of the bodyguards of the businessman who wants to assassinate him is nothing more and nothing less than his brother, a brother who had years without seeing and with whom he has unresolved problems. Fortunately and despite being expected these two brothers do not face each other and on the contrary give us a very emotional moment of family reunion that was already intensifying with some flashback very well represented in the middle of the film.


In general we have a rare story that fills us with some dramatic moments atypical in action movies and stands out precisely for that, for being different but very entertaining.

Ben Affleck - A.K.A The Accountant.

With Ben Affleck, it happens something that has become more and more common with some actors, or you love them or hate them, they are able to deliver many times wonderful performances and in the next movie be a complete misfortune for the show business and no doubt Ben is one of those who is constantly forced to fight the battle for being considered good or bad. However here he does a fantastic job, different and very detailed with an interpretation that takes him out of the box in which he is generally involved, here his character needs a complicated background work and development because the character is not common, is a combination of several characters that are usually atypical to each other, in this film his character is a withdrawn counter, quiet and shy but with a mask that covers a coldness and an intelligence to do the things that make him the best in his work.


Ben Affleck manages to develop a character that transmits few emotions but nevertheless feels them, a man with no apparent feelings but that is capable of killing to protect the weak, someone obsessed with small things but that is also a ruthless killer who fears nothing. With this performance Affleck demonstrates his versatility as an actor, and above all the commitment and talent he has to bring to life different characters that are not common but that can take over and lead a film.

I really liked the way in which this actor managed to fuse different mentalities and create a man of many talents and with many incentives when it comes to acting, a man who never breaks, even when he reencounters his brother after so many years without seeing him.


Final Thoughts.

This is a film that surpasses the expectations of any common action film with a different plot and an atypical protagonist but that stands out incredibly for the commitment to mix with the story. A film that will make us have an excellent time, where not only will we see empty action scenes but we will see several dramatic backgrounds that explain how developed a man who appears to be something but in the background is someone ruthless, obsessive and very dangerous when it comes to defend himself and especially the weaker people with whom he interacts and feels some empathy.

Very good film that manages to get out of the typical framework of action films, thanks to different dramatic elements that make it different but do not detract from the intensity of the action on which it focuses.

My Score: 7,4/10

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Thank you. This is one of our (spouse plus me) favorite movies. I like the twist at the very end but also the brother encounter. I thought they did a wonderful way of introducing him as a "good guy" by that first encounter with the farmers, just the subtle way of showing them how to tweak the system to survive.