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Issac Asimov proposed the "Three Laws of Robots" in the classic sci-fi masterpiece "I, Robot", and it also became the basic law of mechanical ethics in reality. Here is the "Three Laws of Robots":

  1. The first law: robots must not harm humans and ensure that humans are not harmed;
  2. The second law: Under the premise of not violating the first rule, the robot must obey the command of human beings;
  3. The third law: robots must protect themselves without violating the first and second rules.

The film is completely built around these three laws, but it is not limited to the robot itself. From the perspective of robot science fiction, I think that "Chappie" is the most successful sci-fi works combining robot and artificial intelligence after "I, Robot". At the same time, from the perspective of the science fiction movie itself, this film is the same as Scarlett Johansson's "Lucy", which is a movie that sci-fi fans like very much and ordinary viewers also accept it.

The robot in "Chappie" appeared as a machine policeman, but don't think it is the same as the robot in "RoboCap (2014)". The latter mechanical warfare is still bio-intelligence in nature, and the protagonist of the film is a robot. In fact, the film has nothing to do with the robot. It reflects the corruption inside the human being. In this film, “Chappie”, it is a real robot and a complete artificial intelligence. It mainly discusses robot and artificial intelligence related topics.

When the film opened, when the robot appeared as a machine policeman and shot humans under human command, it actually violated the first rule. This is the setting that most robotic movies will involve: fierce and cruel machine killers, including Asimov himself constantly trying to challenge the three rules in his own work. However, when the human protagonist installed a complete artificial intelligence program on Chappie, the situation was completely reversed. From the agreement between the designer and Chappie, the three laws are completely respected. When Chappie was under siege and assisted the "dad" robbery, he did not violate any of the laws.


This is actually a clever movie. The director wants to show how to deal with the cruelty of reality and even the death itself after the simple child comes to the world. How to distinguish between good and evil, in order to speed up this progress, put this child to be loaded into the body of the robot. With the development speed of robot IQ, everything can happen in five days.

A series of small things after the birth of Chappie, if you feel bored and redundant, it is completely that you do not get the director's thought. If you have been a child when you were bullied and didn’t know how to cope or grow up and became confused about the real world, please bring these personal experiences to Chappie and watch this movie from a person's perspective. When he was bullied and deceived, he felt the same way. The director's original intention is not to take a simple action movie of a robot. Because of this, there is a female character in the film that serves as the mother of Chappie.

I really like the details inside, the absolute trust of Chappie to Dad, help him to grab the car. He learns how to be cool, and how to accept new things, including swearing. When he spoke to Deon, his practicality was a stance of a street boy. Even when he was gone, he was still trying to learn how to cool.

He is a real person. In five days, he grows up from a learner to a young man. He quickly accepts the facts in the world, and then become a real man with a good heart.

Chappie is just a human soul that happens to be in the body of a robot. What is not important is the body, what is important is what kind of soul you have.

My Scoree is 8/10

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