Overcoming Scarcity Thoughts - Task Of A Lifetime

9개월 전

With changing energetics I have dared more and more to trust abundance and to let go of scarcity thoughts and obsessive behavioral patterns recently. And boy am I proud about myself!


I have already shared many useful hacks regarding the task of overcoming scarcity thoughts but as so often giving advice to other people doesn't necessarily mean you already have it down yourself. And so it is with me, wrestling with scarcity decisions and feeling literally narrowed in my freedom whenever I do spend the money that I earned in preparations for the journey.

But still I did decide so many times recently that it is money well-spent, that all of it will come back to me and that the things I am buying with it do mean a lot. It is challenging at times but I can already say that after a larger investment into physical goods or even just wine and chocolate I do feel great about it. Signs of hope for a more balanced me, ahahaha.


I don't think I ever was so hellbent on saving and scrounging but I picked that up from my mother's side of our family. It feels like I am literally solving it for my entire family these months, the burden of the mindf**k remains tough but I feel great moving ever more into the abundance mindset that my rational mind has long grasped and accepted as natural.

You know, like an apple tree that just produces en mass every year, regardless of necessity or calculations. Way too many apples, always.

I observe that abundance is an integral part of nature at large and that there is no reason it wouldn't be the same with human monetary currents, especially when I know I am following my passions and give to the world in so many ways every day. Still, part of these last tasks and challenges before the great road trip come as superbly prepared opportunities to not succumb to old fears of not having any income replenish my purse. I feel I am making great progress and all my recent expenses have turned into major successes for where it is I am going, wiring electronics, buying busking gear and enjoying life with my woman over a bottle of wine and some lovely chocolate.

I want to re-read all my articles pertaining to the fostering of an abundance mindset to remind myself, and I figured since it is in the air again today and I opted for abundance at every turn today I might as well use the opportunity and share those articles with you again here, as far as I can remember them right now, let's see...

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Increasing Giving-Momentum by Always Coming Back to Neutrality in Intuition | Pt. 2/2

By the way: Steem's massive pump today is a great sign as well. It's all a big fractal of the same energetic currents. So if you are wavering about that purchase you know you have considered and want to go ahead with: Please do. You will thank yourself for not getting stuck in the unnatural scarcity mindset hammered into us by a monetary system that was designed to favor scarcity over naturally available abundance.

I think the right intention and action can overcome that easily and I am already seeing the signs of it in my life ever since I stopped fearing and started trusting. It's not far off now!


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