Age Of Abundance: Letting Go

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Do you want to enter the Age of Abundance? Is this truly something that you want?

Many will answer that question in the affirmative. However, to embrace this means giving up most of what is sacred to you.

It is amazing the world that was woven for us. We hold onto that which we detest and refuse to let it go. Almost our entire existence was programmed for us. Our belief system, for the most part, was ingrained. Those around us fostered the ideas which were instilled via repetition. Hence, we became a product of our environment.

This holds true for politics, religions, sports teams, and our view of the world. We even see it on STEEM. Here we are a group of people who are supposedly seeing things differently than society yet we hold onto what is dear to them. Unfortunately, few of us realize that it is mostly a con.

Take money for example. It is amazing that we are believers in scarcity where, at the core of that ruse, is the monetary system. The problem with this idea being true is that the monetary system is completely made up. Fiat currency is created out of thin air. Yet, we all buy into the ploy and play along. Do not get me wrong, it is an elaborate system that is difficult to get away from. There is no doubt about that. However, at least, starting to alter our views and emotions regarding it is a step in the right direction.

Sadly, many say that but behave in the opposite manner. Jealousy, greed, and finger pointing are all done reflecting upon a true lack of acceptance of this idea. Ironic, since many of us do believe that STEEM has value, as much inherent value is fiat (perhaps more if you understand there is a fixed amount of STEEM, unlike fiat).


The Age of Abundance requires letting go of old ideas. This process begins by questioning them. Where did they come from? Are they any different from what our parents or older relatives believed? Was it part of our town's culture or mindset when we were growing up? Did we fully explore other alternatives to ensure that our views were correct or, at least, applicable?

Some beliefs serve us very well. Many did undertake the exercise I mention. Usually, it is the result of some kind of emotional turmoil. This "bottoming" out process led to extreme measures. Sadly, few take it without some degree of desperation. Perhaps it was an addiction problem. Or maybe a spouse left. Or the sudden death of a child. Whatever the cause, part of the process of returning to a healthy state is to question things.

Why do you think the Age of Abundance is so hard for many to believe?

The answer: because of their beliefs.

Here is a belief: money is scarce.

Do you see how you were conditioned for this belief? Is it one your experience tells you is true?

I am here to tell you that money is not scarce. That is a total lie. Money is just scarce for you (and the rest of the 97%). For those at the top, i.e. bankers and their ilk, money is abundant. They established a system that ensures that.

Nevertheless, even though it might be reflected in your life, the belief is untrue.

Of course, carrying this belief onto the STEEM blockchain is what causes a great deal of the behavior we see. Fear is the main driver meaning that people lash out at others and have to fight over everything. It is not a belief in abundance.

The system we live in is unnatural. It is a construct meant to enslave us. Here again is a belief that many find hard to swallow. Yet when you look at the state of affairs, this is largely the case. Our political, religious, and financial system all play a part in this. So does the media, educational system, and business environment. Very little about any of this favors the individual unless you are one of the elite.

It is through the questioning process that we can begin to let go of our biases. The elite do not want us to do this under any circumstances. This is very dangerous to them. It is through our biases that they can control us. They are experts at the divide and conquer. No matter where you stand, they will show you how the other side, whatever that is, is at fault. They will also show you have when the other side attacks, you need to defend "your people". Again, it matters none what this is. Remember, the banksters, who are behind much of what takes place, play both sides. They have no allegiance.

Defense of any part of the system is an endorsement of the system. Naturally, most of our "endorsements" are unbeknownst to us. We do not even realize what we are doing. That is how powerful the system (or matrix if you prefer) is.

It is when we let go of our beliefs about money that we start to see what is really taking place. The system that is in operation suddenly takes on new meaning. It is literally a game like Monopoly; it was made up.


The fortunate thing about crypto-economics is that it is also a game but with different rules. While the banksters established the economic system that we presently live under (and the field of study that supports it), we are the ones creating a new one. Technology is a blessing or a curse, depending upon how it is used. In this instance, we are using technology for the benefit of all.

Will this continue? It depends upon us.

Do we revert back and continue the same fear-based, childish behavior that we were conditioned for? Are we promoting the ideas of the elite which is a sign of support? Do we go along with the crowd, whichever one it is, again, providing an endorsement for the matrix?

The process of breaking out is not easy. However, it is improving with each passing day. The internet brought us information that was not from the propaganda mechanism. After that, it brought us contacts with people from all over the world. It gave the oppressed a voice. Now, it is providing a new monetary and, soon, a regulatory system under which we operate.

That said, the age old practice stated in most disciplines still holds true: it all begins by going within. All that is wrong with the world is looking back at you in the mirror. Change yourself and the world begins to change. If enough of us do it together, suddenly the power exerted over us vanishes. The control is a facade that we buy into. Yes, it is a powerful one with almost every angle covered. Nevertheless, it is still a facade.

The only way to progress towards freedom is to free oneself. While this might not be completely possible in many situations due to circumstances, we can instantly start on that within ourselves. When we question our beliefs and start to unwind our emotional connection to things, that is when the power starts to fade. It is then that we are less apt to be manipulated in the same way. What worked before is no longer applicable.

Obviously, regular readers on here have already begun this process with money. That is a fine beginning. It is time to expand that to all areas of our lives. As I progress through this myself, I am continually reminded how much I hold dear was never even consciously embraced by me. Instead, it was programmed into me by those around me.

Letting go of all that nonsense is empowering. It also allows for us to step back and see the absurdity of what we bought into.

And this is a very freeing experience.

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This is one of the best posts I have read on Steemit. Maybe because I write about similar problems, but mostly because this is pure truth, anyone is scared to talk about

Has anyone else found that the older the person it is they talk to about this, the harder it seems for them to believe in this new age of abundance?

Well said. It is an eye opener and gets me looking at who I believe I am a bit differently. Thanks for getting me thinking and reflecting!

Ah so well spoken again!

step back and change your perspective a bit and it all changes. So true and refreshing.

@taskmaster4450 Things Really Change when you Question the So Called Spinning Ball we Live on...............I would rather Live in a Whole New World of TRUTH than the Current World of LIES.......................


In today's world, lies make a lot of money, and that's the main engine. But the majority of fools make it happen to work...

For those who are "afraid of believing" don't be, just think about it for a minute and evaluate the advantages then compare them to the small down sides.

But I can´t talk much about this because I'm already a believer and for me it looks clean as water that this is the right decision/path.