My acccount was hacked into and stolen from by @contestbuddy and @steem

3년 전

I am writing this to let everyone know that this platform is something that you should be careful with. My account was hacked into and the hacker claimed my reward and then transferred it to @contestbuddy. When I check the account contestbuddy was created by @steem so I want to know who stole my money.

Can someone answer me because I will not lose my money like this - please anyone help me understand this

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The scumbags that stole your password then used it to steal the money. Prior to that, they tricked Steemit into making them an account.

There is nothing anyone can do to give you your money back but we can give you some moral support at least.


Thank you @guiltyparties but this is where it stops. Anyone else can take this lying down but not me. If the money is in the account of @contestbudddy and @steem created his account then @steem stole my money. You cannot create a system and create no security for it. The ip address was different so an email should at least have been sent out to verify. Poeple's money is here and if you cannot keep it safe then there is a major problem. This will not last because I am not staying. No one will miss me with my value of $700 that I put in. But it will lose way more than the $700 because NO-ONE should be told that there is nothing can be done to get my money back when the evidence is clear that the person took it. When I got my account back and tried to send @contestbuddy $0.00 requesting my money back when I hit the submit button, it says stealing. No how great is that. I will get my money back one way or the other but I will get my money back. This is a scam and all scams must be shut down permanently. Every system has a backup for suspicious activity. Not this one, then why are witnesses going around telling people to put their hard earned money in this no place when if its stolen and you know who did it, then there is nothing that can be done. Trust me when I tell you if I do not get my money back in a week, we will see. This is not over. I mean to cause some serious rackuss if I do not get my money back from steem.

Hey, just upvoted you with all the VP I got... Be careful.


Thanks I appreciate it. I did it because I would like as many people to know what is happening so they can pull their out and get out. This cannot last because if money is being stolen and I am told that there is nothing that can be done, then this is the PERFECT place for a dishonest scum like the owner of @contestbuddy to be. And the account was created by @steem so ultimately @steem is responsible for making sure that they are putting honest people on the platform and at least sending out one verification when their is a new ip address. Every other place does that, then why is this place with all the millions of dollars here cannot.

Sorry this happend this to you:(...we need to be highly careful..just always think your next move and action ..i will resteem and try to help!


Thanks for you comment. Funny every person keeps telling me to be careful. I did not steal my money to invest here. So why should I be careful to have it in my wallet. This is the mindset that everyone has -we should be careful. With that mindset the owner of @contestbuddy can exist and thrive here because we are fault when someone like that steals. Not saying you are, but people have a tendency to blame the victim, the victim did nothing wrong. I am human, we make mistakes. No one knows everything or never make a mistake. This is not an attack on you. I am just voicing my frustration and thank you for your support.


I know and it.s ok..for my account i invested 100$ and a full one month and half of daily 15-17 hours of work...and still doing can.t make scammers or thiefs go away only to be careful..i saw today a post somebody said he/she recovered his/hers account. Have you tried doing that too? Maybe everybody will find out who that scumbag unworthy arse is and penalize him/her..


Yes I did a password recovery but what the hell good is that when the thief that @steem give access to the platform took your money that you cannot get from their wallet? Steem does not want to take any responsibility to make the platform safe so it sell some bullshit story that you its your responsibility to keep your keys safe. 2 years ago steem was shut down and $85,000 was robbed because of this same problem. Ned said he fixed it. He never did. He just want to get as much people on the platform so more people can buy more steem so that he and his friends will be millionaire. Its all about money for them. There is absolutely zero care about the members/investors. You lose your investment and its your fault. Wow, great investing with you.

@steem creates everyone's accounts.

I cannot overstate the importance of keeping your account keys secure. Specifically, you will never need your Owner Key/Master PW except for account recovery and you should never use anything more than your Posting Key unless you are absolutely sure the site is safe. It should go without saying that you are responsible for your own account security here.

You can tell that a post link is taking you away from because when you hover over it for a couple of seconds, it will display the message shown at the bottom of this example:

shameless self-aggrandizement. :)


Its always funny that is what I have been hearing since this happen. Why don't steem have a system that once your master key is given it cannot be used again because all the other keys can be used and then force people to use the others. You see this steemit place is the perfect place for dishonest scum like the owner of @contestbuddy to live. And you are missing the bigger picture. When the owner of @contestbduddy does this and I tell my story. How many other hackers and crooks you think will come out of the woodworks and do the same thing. Hundreds because this the perfect place for thieves.

So sorry to hear this happened to you :(


Thank you so so much. I appreciate it. Everyone on discord blamed me for using the masterkey and giving it up. I am the victim and I was blamed. But thanks.
I truly believed in this but no more. It will not last, not the way in which it is run now. If @steem and the founder ned scott don't do anything about it, then people will take their money and leave. I have just become a witness. A witness for people to NOT invest in this. And yet I am only one person but it usually just need one person to start.

your money are here: Screenshot_20180323-075740.png
From contestbuddy went to bittrex..check out their wallet!


Oh no @laviniatherapist ...the f*er cashed out...and nobody can trace him..but maybe the account can be recovered!!


thanks wonderful. I am holding @steem responsible for my money. They are the ones that opened an account for @contestbuddy and now the user came in and stole from me. This has to stop and it cannot continue. This is the biggest scam. Someone takes your money, you know where it is, you know who took it but you do nothing and then they transfer it out and that is that. Sorry keep your master key safe. Really where else would American, cannot speak for any other country because I do not live in any, would Americans take this crap. Nowhere and that is why as an American citizen who earned my money honestly to buy the steem MUST get my money back from this scam place.