Steemit Abuse Alert- Why Every Minnows and New Steemians Should Be Aware !!!

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Hey My Steemit Gang…

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Steemit is such an amazing community with some highly talented people. I have seen post, photography, learning about the cryptocurrency and blockchain and I have been truly blessed and humbled that I get to be part of this amazing community.

So it really makes me wonder why some people just can’t let a good thing be. Why they have to go and spoil great things up.

If you are new to steem and you are trying to get your work noticed then I highly suggest that you use voting bots to help you get some exposure.

And while I am for the bots, there is one that you need to stay away from And that one is @booster.

I have sent money to this bot twice and both times it waited about 4-5 hours and then returned my money and said that it could not vote on it.

Now, this is very troublesome because it only takes the bots 2.5 hours for a voting cycle. And both times I sent in my bid around 1.5 hours.

So why did it need another 2-3 hours before it refunded my money?

And why was it not able to upvote the post when it had sufficient money in the pool? These are questions that I have no answers to but I just think it’s quite strange.

I have seen a lot of post warning minnows to stay away from the @booster bot. It seems that there is definitely some issues with it. And I think that there is some abuse going on with it by taking our funds, keeping them for hours after the round of time for the voting bot and then return it many hours later saying it couldn’t upvote on the post.

Could it be that it does that to make its voting value higher? I am not sure, not accusing them of anything but I do know that it has been a troubling bot for many steemians.

Why Should You Care

It should matter to you because we have to be watchful of what is happening on steemit. We as investors and business owners who have spent our time and money on this platform want to ensure that remains clean. We don’t want steemit to fail. And abuse should not be tolerated at any level in a system that should be decentralized and offering an equal and level playing field for everyone.

How Can You Help?

You can do your part by avoiding booster bot. There are more reputable bots on the voting bot platform that you do not need to use booster and then have them hold your money for hours and then return it back to you.

Also if we band together soon they will be forced to stop the abuse and operate in a manner that is fair and honest to all who use them.


We all have a vested interest in steemit. We all believe in it and want to see it be the Number 1 social media site. But this cannot happen without each person doing their part to make it happen. Please do your part to help make steemit community a great one, and you can count on me to do my part too.
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I'll keep doing my part to make Steemit a place for all.
Thanks for sharing dear.


Thanks -we all do our part and steemit will be a place that we will be proud of. Thanks for sharing.

I don't like and don't use bots.
I think that you will to succeed if you provide value to the community.


I hear what you are saying about the bots and providing value to the community will help. For those who need a bit of encouragement, I think they serve some purpose. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the info im only using @steemengine at the moment. Really unsure of what bots to use will stay away from @booster. Thanks good post upvoted and resteemed x


Thanks for the resteem appreciate it. Good ones to use are minnowbooster, minnowhelper and mercrybot- I have used these and like the returns. Thanks again.

Why you or anyone else need bots? If you make attractive and interesting content then people will attract to your content instead using bot.


I hear what you are saying. But each person has the right to use or not to use bots. If bots are not your thing, then don't use them. And others who want to use it, then it's their choice too. That is why steemit is decentralized. We have that free choice. Thanks for your comment and I get what you are saying.