SCAM ALERT IN STEEMIT CHAT – Beware of @STEEM. And @@val.a

4년 전

Please RESTEEM to stop this scammer and warn others

There is an account on going under the name @steem. Note the "." at the end of the name.

This person is pretending to be @steem, which just happens to be a whale.  And this person is requesting 20steem for a $200 vote.

Today he approached me. Of all people, me.  Sure I analyse the data, is he mad?

Here is the conversation



This conversation goes on and he send me a memo asking for 20steem


Needless to say I did not send any steem, but I did look up the memo details in the steemit database to see if anyone else sent him steem.


What I found were 4 other steemit accounts that had made a transfer to this memo.  I looked at each of these accounts in detail and it lead me to a second memo number d48d7d3d33d04931a51 and another steemit account that made a transfer.

So I have contacted each of these on steemit chat to confirm this scam.  Here are some further screen shots of conversations with the scammer. The first one is from @drdave who lost 10 steem and 5sbd on this scam


this second one scammed would rather not be named, however I have been supplied with a screen shot of the chat.

You will note that the second is going by the name @val.a  This scam has already been identified and the real @val.a has written a post about it which you can read here

Here is a third one – and guess what, this conversation is happening now while I am writing this post.  I am talking with @themarkymark on discord right now. @themarkymark was wise enough to spot the scam and not send any money

Look how he catches him out

However the scammer is the same person, because the memos used overlap.


If you have been effected by this scam, please post below or contact me on steemit chat or discord.  I would like to see if there are further memo numbers involved and get this stopped.  Between the 5 accounts that fell for the scam, this scammer has made  20 Steem and 32 SBD

  I am part of a Steemit Business Intelligence community. We all post under the tag #BIsteemit. If you have an analysis you would like carried out on Steemit data, please do contact me or any of the #bisteemit team and we will do our best to help you...

you can find #bisteemit  on discord

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Thanks everyone for your comments

Some people just really want to take advantage of others... shame..

Thanks for the heads up @paulag!

Damn! Good investigative work and thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention. Dishonest people are hiding everywhere! :-(

Ive seen others reporting similar issues. Didnt happen to me yet but I dont hang around there often.
Resteemed. Thanks J

This post is really helpful, be aware from scammers, also open a support channel if possible for this type of scam reporting.

Scammers ruin good things, glad crypto world outs this assholes. Lets scam them lol... by scam I mean waste their time... make them think they will get something, and just waste their time. Make the returns not worth it....

Your post is the third one I read today reporting scams involving buying votes at Steemit and this is serious. Developers, witnesses, whales etc ... who have the power should have a more adult positioning with respect to this, as many users are innocently falling into scams, especially newbies and this one day can wipe out our credibility. A good weekend for you.

Rudeness, a simple con artist

I found another scammer that is asking for SBD in trade of upvotes. His name is @optimisticguy. Maybe it's the same person? He's sending people 0.001 SBD with an elaborate memo about doubling your money.


I have seen this memo, it is on my radar. Thanks for the heads up


Yes. I just received this memo yesterday.


Yes, one of my followers said that was a scam, and I saw it as well -- I though the "upvotes over 7 days" was a red flag.

Thanks for the heads up. It's important to stop scammers from ruining this community.

Resteemed to spread the word.

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I got scammed some days ago. But I guess it made me wiser, because I so much trust people wholly and entirely. Now I've got a rethink. But one think I know is, Karma will catch up with him.
I wish I had this kind of warning. Maybe I wouldn't have fallen for this

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Yep, and this fun wallet memo going around too...
I didn't even get the "Triple Your Money" offer :-p

4 hours ago Receive 0.001 SBD from lovelygirl

Double your money on Steemit. We will Up/Vote your posts for you. For $1 Steem Dollar we will Up/Vote your post by $2.00 in return. So you double your money. If you send us $2 SBD we will Up/Vote your post by $5.00. Send us $10 SBD and you get $30.00 in Up/Votes. For $50 SBD you get $300.00 in Up/Votes and for $100 SBD you get $750 in Up/Votes. We are a group of 250 loyal Steemians who believe you should be paid more for your work on Steemit. Now you can really get paid for your efforts. To get our Up/Votes send Steem Dollars to @lovelygirl and enter your link to your post in the memo section. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. Thank You


Haha! I received this memo too. I happily kept the amount they sent me. 😈

Thank you for the warnings.

I came. I saw. I found many scammed.

That's one of the pluses if steemit is people like yourself watching out for others. Very cool.

Resteemed! Thanks for your work @paulag

Disgusting the level people is willing to go to for making a fast buck.

I’m honestly shocked we don’t see more of things like this. With all the “paid advertisement” of your blogs going around someone could look at this and think why spent 1 SBD when I can just spend 10 and get better results.

Thank you for finding this out and making it public.

Thanks for the update and for doing the background legwork on this!

Unfortunately, the nature of Steemit is such that it will not only attract a lot of people hoping to get "money for nothing," but also an unpleasant subset who take advantage of those who believe that "money for nothing" is something that actually exists.



Hasn't existed since the 80s... "Chicks for free" :)


Today's "Money for Nothing" is Nestle, selling water for billions that they purchase for pennies!

Nice investigative work. Thanks for the heads up. Upvoted, following and resteemed

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For newbies like myself this kind of information is very useful. Good post!

(I've been posting a month - I am still a newbie, right?)

Would you be a person to work out how my master password no longer works?
(without any changes I made, on my now defunct account?)- If so - thanks.

Steemit have gone quiet this last 5/6 days). I have kinda given up...

here's a copy and paste I have been giving to my followers to get everyone back on board....

hi there Everyone - I have had major problems this last week or so - And my patriot wargamer account cannot be accessed.
So this my new account I am now using.

Have to start from scratch again - your support would be greatly appreciated -
I am contacting all my followers to let you know.
I will be reposting all my best posts here, in the hope of getting things back as they were for me.

I hope you will be refollowing me - as I wil be, to all my new friends I found over the last 3/4 weeks.

If anyone knows cheetah, tell him to lay off any plagiarism accustations! lol

Cheers PW

many thanks for the info. these scammers has to be exposed and if possible, be banned in using this platform for their benefit.

Thank you for informing us of this. It's important to know,especially for newer folk like me, who have not yet ever done this sort of thing. The last thing anyone would want is to be scammed the first time and lose out. Edit: Resteemed to spread the awareness about these scammers.

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Thanks for the heads up. Ill resteem this so my followers get the Alert as well.

thanks for being vigilant and then sharing your finding, upvoted

Pulling together and exposing the scammer as they are found will save a lot of headaches.. I have found my share of scammers in the bitcoin sites...

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Crazy. Thanks for bringing it to the attention of the community.

thank you to share helpful information, and I ware is money there are the scammers so it's better to play safe and donat wanna jump in life if we just believe in our self-anybody can't scam us.

You have great timing. This person @STEEM. just DM'd me in less than 2 min ago asking me for 3 SBD for upvote.


did you get a memo number by any chance?


Glad you asked! Hope the screenshot helped!

scammers are everywhere!


I am musically/lyrically inclined, so I apologize if this offends, it's from my childhood. In fact I saw them in concert with the Violent Femmes decades ago. Mojo Nixon and Skip Roper, "Elvis is Everywhere":

Wow, "and the blue people got Elvis inside of them" -- well before Avatar! :) And, before Michael J. Fox had Parkinson's, not sure that lyric would have been in there if he wrote it later...

"Elvis needs boats, ah, the sailing Elvis" wow, haven't heard this in forever! And he references Star Trek! My wife @countrylover is a trekkie, and the new show starts soon she says! :)

Thanks for the heads up. My policy is simply not to send any money to anyone who promises something in return. I know there are probably some legit promotions, but I would rather just go-it-slow... like the turtle. I will get there, eventually!

That's wild! Thank you for bringing that to everyone's attention and doing the leg work. It's sad that things like this happen, but it's almost to be expected when there's a monetary system tied to it. Hopefully they get downvoted into oblivion and can't scam anyone anymore.

@paulag, thanks for bringing it to our attention to pay attention to the little details.... such as the dot at the end of the name. Best way to combat scammers is to expose them so I'm resteeming this for sure and hope others do as well. Resteemed.

thanks for sharing

tks for share this :-)

wow! This is really awful! Minnows starting out could be easily fooled and tempted due to the promise of high rewards. resteeming to spread the word and thank you for the warning

me too... alot of users there been asking me to send SBD and STEEM.... for bullshit !!!

Damn this scammers are so funny with their perfect grammar and extended vocabulary.. Good job on catching a scammer and posting about it tho!

Wow, this is an eyeopener for newcomers like me, thank you @paulag. Upvoted and followed.