The Reality Of Being A Voting Troll - @bullionstackers


Another Blow Hole Bully attacking innocent users. This time it is @bullionstackers. As he continues, Squirrel Bait and her followers will get their Jollies. Real trolling takes skill. @bullionstackers can only silently downvote people like a coward.

Tantrum Meme.jpg

What troll voting DOES do.....

Reveals the person's low IQ and inability to write coherent posts and enjoy the platform.

Shows the person has very little control in real life and turns to the internet for a sense of power and relevance. A weak person with little ambition to be in charge of their life. Would rather pass blame for personal irresponsibility and poor choices. Not something I would want to be known for but to each their own.

Reveals a highly emotional individual prone to childishness and tantrums. Low capacity for logic and reason. Therefore, unable to function in a group. Performs poorly in the workforce due to lack of work ethic and behavioral problems.

Entertains me. Trolling a troll is actually great fun due to an average person's ability to get under their skin with the wit they lack.

What troll voting does NOT do.....

Fix a single thing in the individual's life. Off the computer, their life is still frustrating and a hot mess. Rather than investing their time to fix the mess, they spend hours on the computer looking for ways to make other people feel bad about themselves too. I guess misery really does love company.

Give the troll power over anything, truly ruin anyone's day, or affect anyone's life in a meaningful way. We're talking crypto here. Keep it in perspective.

Impress anyone. Just makes the troll a typical a$$. That's all. Plain and simple.

Get anyone a date or a meaningful relationship. Many of these folks have an overbearing mother. You know, Mommy Dearest type scenario. These trolls are usually males who are terrified of women and so tend to be very lonely. Negative attention is better than no attention. However, still lonely in the end dude. No one loves a miserable prick.


Troll voting is for small people of poor moral character. It is heartbreaking that their parents didn't nurture them by teaching them self-respect and providing the tools they need to function. Mostly, not showing them the love they needed to thrive. They are exactly like a child getting in trouble just so a parent will pay attention to them because they are ignored otherwise. Your life is yours to live or to just let it pass you by. Take real control. Live your life with honor and dignity. Or.....just make people like me laugh at the little child throwing a tantrum on the floor of the platform.

Everyone's laughing at you.

~S.B. Will Get Her Jollies

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