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Some time ago I published, is Spanish, some notes on what constitutes the summary of a report or research report, I was reviewing it and I thought about sharing it translated to know if there was any opinion that could help to complete it, the original text I have in

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An old classmate asked me about the elements that I should consider to write the summary in a research paper, before that I replied that it is first to establish what is the methodical current that is followed ... but, in general it can be said that I would expect to find in the text of an article summary the following elements:

  • Area of study, thematic or general approach (this is optional)
  • Problem to investigate (there are cases in which we skip these two first elements and we enter directly with the third)
  • Research objective (I mean the general)
  • Working hypothesis (in the case of investigations that work with hypothetical system, because in exploratory research you can happen that you don't have a hypothesis at the beginning and in the investigations based on fulfillment of tasks you would not expose hypotheses)
  • Mention theories, currents or key authors addressed for the work.
  • Indicate the methodology, population, sample, techniques and instruments.
  • Report the most relevant result.
  • Mention the main conclusion of the work.

I hoped this would help, but I asked a colleague at that time to have a more complete answer, so they recommended me to review content shared by the University of Alicante, which was published on the Moodle platform, but I would like to share it in another post because it would be too long to do it alone in this one.

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