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Building a Brighter Future For Africa

Ever since I moved to Africa, I have been working to bring financial literacy and grassroots organization to the people of Ghana. Thanks to my adventures I have met some amazing folks and we have embarked on a profound journey to make cryptocurrency accessible across Africa. This team has not only built Ghana's first active cryptocurrency exchange, we have also created the first cryptocurrency in Ghana. Our goal is to spread the help of @yensesa across the entire developing world.

Now that the @yensesa token is available and we have out upvote service running, we are starting to expand our exchanges capabilities and making it so the community can benefit from that expansion. @Yensesa is seeking individuals who want to help provide liquidity for Fiat trades on the platform. This individual will be called a Trustee and will earn a weighted percentage of The monthly sales volume on the yensesa exchange.

I would like to put my name forth as a Trustee Applicant, If made a trustee I will put $200 into the reserve for 90 days or until it is all used. Along with this deposit, I will continue to support the @yensesa team and increase my stake by 20% a month for 6 months.

Yensesa is for us all

Thank you for taking the time to read this attestation application. If you are not aware of what @yensesa does please come over to our Discord and we will teach you about the wonders of our community! Not only do we offer exchange services but we have upvotes, witness servers, financial training and much more. I am sure the more you learn with us the more you will earn. It is our primary goal to ensure that @yensesa users are able to benefit just as much as its creators. Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity!

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