Economic Growth Of Aceh Fishermen Community

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Economic growth is the capital income with the increase and the fundamental change within the local government. economic growth is an indication of economic success.

According to government planning last month, the government has developed medium-term development plans and long-term development through the central government platform.

The second plan is a very good strategy to see the economic growth of the community, especially the aceh community itself.

In this post you can see economic growth of aceh people, especially fishermen community.
in this post you can also see how people produce their fish catch, they fishermen do not give priority to their income from live fish, because the live fish can only be sold in the short term, it means will not survive longer and fish more dead.

But, on the other hand, they fish produce live fish into salted fish, as you can see below. fish caught in production by way of drying in several days until dry. producing salted fish as I mentioned it, will increase the economic growth of aceh fishermen community as expected by the government.

Because the production of salted fish can be exported outside the region in the long run. So that all fish catches aceh fishermen can be utilized all, without choosing to distinguish the types of fish and not from certain fish.

Production Of Salted Fish By Aceh Fishermen Community

This is seen a female fisherman aceh (grandmother) is selling the production of salted fish in different types of fish. now they sell salted fish with different prices as well, the average per day price perkilogram 3 STEEM to 5 STEEM according to the type of salted fish.

Greetings from aceh fishermen community to steemians through @abudar

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Natural resources in Aceh are still very much can be processed. Aceh still provides much of its natural wealth. From mountain to ocean. Maintaining a good environment is a way to increase the economy of the community. Not everyone has the same awareness, sometimes we often see and hear news on television and radio. Some fishermen are arrested by the security forces, in the case of fish bombing. How not, in addition to damaging the environment, this way can also kill the fish seeds in the high seas.

Hi @abudar
postas pantastis
I know more about the community than you
you have made an open post about economic development of aceh society.
I think you are a worker in the newspaper ,,!
thanks @abudar
a very good post

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Lhoksemawe daerah mana tu bg

indeed salted fish production is very suitable in the production in aceh and other areas, because the salted fish including the favorite fish of the Indonesian community, especially the Aceh region.

thank you for sharing @abudar

salah satu ikan favorit rakyat aceh.
saya suka.

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Salted fish or Dry fish is one of the best way to preserve fish and it will be easy to export

If the fish kareng very expensive, sure we can to cook sambal kareng

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Harga melonjak tinggi, the kareng fish for asam kareng brader..😊

Mantap, potret ekonomi tingkat bawah sangat bagus untuk dunia tau bahwa aceg itu kaya akan hasil

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ungkot kareng meuye ta lawoek ngoen sambai leupah mantap