Beautiful View of Geurutee Mountain

4년 전

The beautiful scenery seen from the top of the mountain gurutee makes anyone to admire its beauty, the vast sea, and there are two beautiful islands beside it. this is one of the favorite places for local tourists. on the weekends (week), this place became one of the attractions that banya loved by the community.

along the road to the south of Aceh province, has a very beautiful landscape, this is one of the riches that never lost and we will always always for a better future. 

from #aceh #indonesia

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@alexandrya92 fenomena pegunungan tersebut di tengah pulau menyejukkan mata sangat indah dan luar biasa lokasi diatas bukit gereute

Keren 👌

Sangat indah pemandangannya


salam kenal, mohon bimbingan nya buat steem yg bagus kedepannya