Milkweed Bug always surrenders as a creature of God

in aceh


Beauty has its owner

Only to God is everything returned in this vast universe
You have to ask for help only to God who has the right and we must ask for help
We must continue to pray only to God who makes all the heavens and their contents
Raise our hope only to God. Because we do not know what is in the supernatural and what will happen in the future.
The sins that we do and then we apologize only to Allah who is most forgiving and loving.

Beauty in this world is only God who is able to create and create as beautiful a form as possible.
We must always thank the Lord of the universe.

Milkweed bugs are among the beautiful animals that God created. With black, white, and combined with red, it will produce a perfect color


Never give up

Despair is not including the behavior of people who believe in the Almighty God.
When we do not consider ourselves beautiful and hate the form that God created so that we change what God has given us, then do we still say that we are to God?

When our teeth cut slightly from what they should, do we still consider ourselves to have faith in God completely?

All animals including the Milkweed Bug are thankful for what God destined to him and surrender to God with what he has


CategoryMacro photography
Takenwith Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
Macro lensNikon l810
SettingAuto HDR
Taken by@anasz




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