Literary art has distinguished humans from animals

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Literary art

Literary art has begun since history began. Literary art is a variety of types of writing that have a certain meaning or beauty.
Literary art is words written on paper, walls, wood, and other media.
Literary Art is beautiful words spoken by the mouth that produce different meanings for the listener.

Literary art is an art that is easy to learn and easily absorbed.
Many feelings are expressed in literature.
Many longings are spoken with literature.
Many praises to God are spoken with literature.

Lots of longing for beloved lovers expressed through literature.
Likewise, with literary art aimed at nature, people have died, to God, and so on.

All literary art must be based on deep feelings.
When literature does not come from the heart, it becomes empty.

The Qur'an which is the Book of God revealed through the Messenger of Allah PBUH is the highest literary art possessed by humans, jinn, and angels.


All Nations love art

Art has been expressed by all nations and civilizations of the past.
All races have their own literary characteristics.
All humans on this earth have the same behavior, differing only because of the environmental and geographical differences they occupy, resulting in different changes and developments in literary progress.

The Arabs, for example, revealed and developed literary art through stone and mountain stone carvings.

Chinese people who have lots of bamboo in their country. They reveal literature on bamboo.

Mongolians who have a lot of animal skin, so they make animal skin as a place to spend their hearts and literary arts.

Everyone is the same in essence, tends to literature, tends to beauty and virtue.
God has given virtue to every human being to be used as a basis for human life on this earth.
So humans must always be grateful to God for giving instructions and creating rules that are obeyed by all nations and human races.


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