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Pengalaman yang sukar kulupakan saat dulu membuat skripsi yang makan waktu 2 tahun. Hampir saja aku jadi mahasiswa abadi. Saat kuliah dulu, aku tak punya pacar. Aku rasa cewek tak suka dengan penampilanku yang amburadul. Saat itu aku penggemar lagu heavy-metal Guns n Roses. Ataupun karakterku yang selalu pakai kaos oblong tua, rambut sedikit gondrong upps jangan salah sangka...aku sentiasa shalat fardhu.


Nah kembali ke skripsi tadi. Dengan judul yang kedua aku berhasil menyelesaikannya dalam tempo 1 bulan. Alhamdulillah. Judulnya the students’ ability in listening comprehension using non-native speaker voice and native speaker voice.

Aku mulai dari bab 1.

1.1 Background of the Study

Language teacher should know the right consideration to present the most effective classroom for their foreign language students. Through listening, spoken language is received by students as one of language inputs. At first step of language learning, prior students desire to read well, it is listening that they face the most direct connection to meaning in the new language.

In the field of language learning, Listening is one of the four basics of English skills that appear in daily life as one of the most difficult skills besides of writing. Learner of English will feel a kind sense of unhappiness if they are weak in getting the understanding of aural discourse since. It has been applying in daily activity. This unhappiness could be caused by some factors, such as linking. It is a term for adjustments speakers make between words in speech. Say to novice listener: why don’t you go to your colleague? When you mean friend of colleague, it probably sounds a lot like why don’t you go to your college? In order to avoid these misunderstanding, you must link those syllables properly.

We could imagine for example, the non well-trained listener would acquire some ambiguous utterance when native speaker had expressed his mother tongue sounds quickly which there is no opportunity to beg the repetition such as utterances we often had listened through audiovisual aids, news reader and any other terms. Trying to take in meaning, each word separately one after the other while listening will be difficult for listener to grasp the whole understanding of the meaning this.



Tameurakan ngon ureung maleem
Ta tu'oh Agama
Tameurakan ngon ureung bangsat
Karu donya

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