In a very graceful shot


We are here to decorate the eSteem platform

No matter how good or how bad this is the work of @in-macro diplatform based on this cryptocurrency.

We are very happy and very proud of the results we obtained in the postings that we have displayed on the platform's surface, we never judge a bit from the results of our posts in several posts.

A panorama that we show is not easy to get satisfying results and satisfaction from our images, we can enjoy together.

One belief that this is the result of our drawings and writings that we have perfected with all our might and mind, we really hope to get support from the officials of Steemi.


An enlightenment that we display and we publish a beauty and clarity of a very beautiful picture of white flowers after the capture through the macro lens that we have, very elegantly of course encased with the word very beautiful when dressed by our eyes.


We try to keep the macro lens away as a result

Without the light is a bit damp, but in this post only one picture that we prioritize turning on the back light of our lens camera, the beam of light from the lamp is clearly visible sparkle in the picture.


Without a macro lens and without a camera light that's the result of taking the picture above.


Far from the camera does not make the image blurry, but the focal point is very important when shooting images.


All images in each post that we publish here have never been the same, for example from this post, from the first image to the last.

It's not easy to get things done without hard work
By @in-macro

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