The Beauty Of Wildflowers From The Macro Lens ~ Aceh Macro (Part 02)

3년 전

Hello Steemian Friends

Good afternoon late afternoon all steemit friends, on this day I will post some macro photos with wild flower object, this flower I found in the bushes of home yard and I decided to immortalize it with the Camera Mobile Phone.



Flowers with this small size will look beautiful when we take it with an additional lens, as seen in this picture.



These photos were taken by Smartphone Camera OPPO F3 + Macro Lens.

Saleum Aneuk Nanggroe @jemiback

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Keren bg foto nya, sudut pandangnya dapat dan saya sangat menyukai nya.


Terima kasih @steemit-photo1 jangan lupa ikuti terus ya postingan dari saya. saleum aneuk nanggroe

beautiful flower, and perfect color photo ...

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