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A big Hello Steemians!

First of all, I would like to introduce myself.
My name is Um-e-Rubab. I am 26 years old Muslim girl. I live in Lahore Pakistan. I am a student of M.Phil. I love to travel and explore different places.



I have done Matriculation in Science, then FSC in Pre-Engineering, and then I have done BS in IT, and then I applied for M.phill in high ranked Universities. Luckily and with a good CGPA, I got admission to the best research university in Lahore. And now I'm doing my M.phill in IT. And researching different techniques and terms in the field of IT.



I have 5 siblings, 2 Brothers, and 3 Sisters. My Father and Mother are retired. Alhamdulillah, we are a happy family. I am the last child of my family, and you can say the naughty one.



I love to explore different places. I would love to share my visiting experience in my next post soon. I am also a food lover and would like to share the experience of good food you can find in Lahore and other places in Pakistan.


How I came to know about Steemit?

I got to know about this platform from my class fellow. I found this very thrilling and unique way to show off my abilities, skills, and talent. Writing is also one of the things that makes me. Every time I got down to go to different places, I take my diary along. Sitting inside the nook, I specify how the beautiful places purify my soul and enlighten me.

I am also very happy that I found this platform, and now I am a part of this community. I agree that Steemit is the way forward.


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Hello @rubabzaidi
We welcome you to Steam.This is a great platform and you will learn a lot from it۔

Well explanation.I like your introduction.

Good working dear but you someone miss in this post
And you want to check my poat and all have done in your post