Feeling 'Proper Sweet' in our 'Small World' Two new songs from Wav-Legion


Hi everyone. I'm Dave aka wav-Dr. and I've been collaborating with the amazing @soundlegion aka Bonnie Legion. For those just tuning in we started working together in Nov 2018 and since then we've released all sorts of songs, styles, collabs and videos. Since my last post we've add two more songs. I'm proud to say we've released 88 songs since Nov. 2018. I have to thank Bonnie for all of her hard work and inspiration. Oh yeah we've done this all online as Bonnie lives in California and I live in BC Canada. Currently we're working on finishing our acoustic Album 'Small World'. You may notice we're releasing music from both of our Youtube channels. We're alternating releases and building both our channels so if you like what you hear please Subscribe to us both so you don't miss anything.

Here's our brand new #acoustic song 'Proper Sweet'

'Small World'

'Dancing Shoes'

Here's 'Slip N Slide'

Here's 'Keep Smiling'

Bonnie's video work is getting so good. Here's 'The . Game'

Lunar Eclipse

Morning Frost with the amazing Therese Lefèbvre on piano.

Here's 'Cloud Nine' . BonnieLegion @soundlegion is so skilled I hear her #FleetwoodMac influence on our #unplugged songs.

We've been having a blast and getting a great response with these unplugged songs. Here's 'Falling Leaves'


'The Game'

'Long Day' by wav-Dr. ¦ Bonnie Legion ¦ Therese Lefèbvre


'At Your Feet'

Here's an amazing Remix from @psionictremors


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Video Production, Graphic Design, Vocals, Lyrics, Rocking- Bonnie Legion #SoundLegion
Music Production, Music, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Mix & Master - wav-Dr. #AllEarsMusicProductions

If #Spotify is your preference here's an acoustic #playlist that will added to as they drop on the platform

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Here's our new Logo from the amazing https://twitter.com/MetalliBee
wav legion logo 3.jpg

Thanks for listening and supporting Indie Artists like us. We pour our heart and soul into this your support means the World to us. Happy Holiday's to you and yours.

Rock On!
Dave / wav-Dr.

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You two are an amazing team. Can't wait for the album!