Merry Christmas from Wav-Legion

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Happy Holiday's everyone. I'm not sure where in the World you are but it's snowy here in BC Canada.Salmo summit.jpeg

Our family is enjoying a cozy Holiday day. Even our doggies are cozy by the fire. P1090022.jpg

The Christmas tree is all decorated. P1090024.jpg

With lot's of GT snow racing. P1080839.jpg

A heated Monopoly game. Mr-Dr. is a land Barron. lol

On the music front I teamed up with Bonnie Legion @soundlegion in Nov. 2018. for our Wav-Legion collective and since then we've been having a blast releasing music. We're excited to perform as Wav-Legion in 2020. Thus far the collaboration has all been online as I live in Canada and Bonnie's in California.

We're so appreciative to our loyal Fans we recently gave away two T-Shirts to two lucky winners from our Q & A video. It's also a chance to get to know us better and we talk about our collaborative process.

Wav-Legion just finished our Acoustic Album and it will drop Jan. 1 2020. Here's the Spotify presave link.

Here's the album preview on Youtube

Music is not an easy career choice financially especially when you have a family to provide for. We pour our heart and soul into this as well as our time and money so your continued support is invaluable to us.

The biggest way you can support Artists is to buy their albums, tickets for shows and merchandise. If you're looking for some funky Wav-Legion merch here's our store link.

Another way to share the love for Artists is to Follow, Subscribe and share there posts. Promotion is an expensive endeavour so your free shares and likes really help us build momentum. Here's our Youtube channels

Here's our #Spotify channels where you'll find our entire catalog

If you want to find out more visit

Holiday blessings from our family's to yours. May 2020 bring you health, success and joy.

Merry Christmas
Dave / wav-Dr.

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I love Ty's face in that last photo lol wonderful! Sending huge holiday love and cheer through to you and the fam my good friend and amazing partner in musical crime. Blessings big time. Cheers to 2020 Being a Wav-Legion year.


@soundlegion Blessings to you and your family

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Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2020, @wav-dr!