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Hi everyone happy 2020. 2019 was an amazing music year. Working with Bonnie Legion @soundlegion on our Wav-Legion Collective was amazing. So far 2020 has been packed with music too.wav legion logo 3.jpg Logo from https://twitter.com/MetalliBee

Jan 1st we dropped our fifth Album "Wav-Legion- Acoustic".
Wav-Legion- Acoustic.jpeghttps://open.spotify.com/album/3puS5ca0dG5rLszSE3dEUy?si=0nlYckq9QDateMjCSa4PdQ

So far January has been super busy and #inspired. I'm tracking new songs for Wav-Legion's 6th Album with the talented Bonnie Legion.Gig offers are starting to come in and signed a Contract with a Music Licensing Company.

Mix cropped 2.jpg

I dropped a new song with #TheSixthStone feat. Tyger Tyger.
Steps Away- wav-Dr. & The Sixth Stone (feat. Tyger).jpg

Released a new song with Billy Korg @nupulse

I Mixed and Mastered a new song for #TheAudibleCollective and #SapphiraVee dropping in Feb.

Currently I'm Mixing and Mastering Sapphira Vee's new Album. wahoo

Here's the Artists links on #Spotify for your #Playlists.

Bonnie Legion

Sapphira Vee

The Audible Collective

The Sixth Stone

Billy Korg

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To me personally, it's a pity that most of your links are on spotify. I know that's a whole different discussion though.

I thoroughly enjoy the work you have done with Bonnie @soundlegion!

And that's one helluva funky little session w Fro Down 45!!!


Thanks for listening and your support @johan.norberg. I shared Spotify links cause up in Canada lots of the crypto players won't work on various cell providers. My friends were complaining about not being able to play my links from Choon (no longer), D-Sounds or Musicoin. Everyone here can play the Spotify links so shared those. All the best to you in 2020


Totally fair points @wav-dr, one uses what is best for most. :-)

Both dsound and musiccoin seem to be rather dead (dsound very much so), so I'm looking for an blockchain alternative to either of them. So far I've been able to come up with exactly zero.