My latest Acrylic painting of shree krishna

3년 전

Hello good evening my friends this is raghao from india... I wanna show u my new latest painting of Lord Shree make this beautiful painting I used very attractive colour lole blue.... I was take more time to paint this painting approx 6 to 7 hours 😅 ....
Uses Materials are -
1- A3 drawing paper
2-Artist Acrylic colour
3- Flat brush - no......000,1,2,4,6 ,10,12
4- Round brush - 000,2,4
5- Medium - WaterIMG_20190515_164827.jpgIMG_20190515_165150.jpgfd9689b8e7e382808f87e3f0e24d6a78.0.jpgb04a788a6eb1c06587720331bf1e791b.0.jpgIMG_20190515_164811.jpg

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Great! This is why we always need to move forward :)
Don't Let Yesterday Take Up Too Much Of Today.

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Young Lord Krishna looks absolutely wonderful in your style, @raghao :) I like the colours and all the detailing of his jewelries! And his eyes and smiling mouth are also done so nicely <3