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Since the retirement of @sportsmod, the bad sportsmen and women have gradually returned to #sportstalk. We need our largest accounts to spend a little time each day looking out for abuse.


Unless the post is 0% sports related, I have trouble knocking rewards off, but where i have no issue removing rewards is in the comments - comments that have been directly voted on en mass by the same account, or comments that have been voted dozens of times by a 'friend'.

So without further a do:

@klarou12 (@moyse)
@obest (@obest)
@josephace135 (@evelyntigas)
@jozef230 (@joseph230)
@sumit71428 (@sumit.sport)
@miraclep2000 (@edenparadise)

Do you want to see this tribe succeed, or are you going to continue in the ways of #oldsteem and systematically upvote your own comments directly/via one of your alts?

I understand we all could do with a little extra money - I don't own a home, pay child support, and would love to be earning 68000 SPORTS a day via 10 self-votes, but this isn't going to give the tribe any longevity. Please consider the future of the community and take a different approach.

If you fail to change your ways, I suspect your accounts will be frozen and your stake will become useless. Take advantage of the 50/50 author/curator deal, and spread your vote around.

The above behavior has left me feeling a little withdrawn from the tribe of late. I know I should just 'keep on postin' and continue to downvote and report abuse, but after I've done the latter, I have less energy for the former.

At least the walks to work, twice a day, are keeping my activity count up. To be honest though, I'd rather be doing this:





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At least you actually got a nice response. These things can be disheartening. I did what I could on some!


Yeah.. and another accepting his apology who has been doing the same thing?!


Thanks man, it’s getting pretty bad at present.

I must admit it is hard having to patrol looking for abuse. I have found I spend more time looking for bad actors than the good guys and I hope it improves where I can spread my vote around more. Would love the mod account to actually start operating.


Yeah it’s not easy without script. @sportsmod has been replaced by the referees.


So it is up to the community to downvote everything then?


The referees should be working as a unit more, but if the top 100 stakeholders used their daily DV that would help a bit.

Can we send 50% from every vote on comment to @null? Is it available in tribe settings?


Depends who writes the comment, but I think you can set beneficiaries on them with script.

It's quite frustrating to see this kind of behaviour, I've already noticed and reported this, but corrective actions are insufficient, the rewards are not fully cancelled out.

Look, the negative vote is insufficient to cancel the rewards, their post are spam in most cases.

still has a lot of comments with positive votes, made by @moyse

This type of characters are the ones that ruin the economy of sportstalk, at first sight these two accounts are farmers. They get tokens easily and take them to the market.

I did my part, but my voting power ran out! downvote power: 48.29%, full in 62 hours

It is necessary that the community unite around this.


Thanks for helping out, I think many are now aware of these accounts and I think I will visit again soon.

Let's hope they listen. We have to keep this place clean.

Thanks for the mention brother so as i delegated my sports to an alt account and gave it my brother to upvote so he upvoted all my comments and my friends post and i take the full responsibility of that so i am really sorry for that and yup it won't happen again as i have already stopped him to do so few days back. Right now focusing on some curation work which i will start soon. Hope so you accept my apologies.

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Well that’s a good start to the comments today.

I’m not the boss, just a concerned stakeholder who wants the tribe to do well. Thanks.


I completely got your point.... thanks for a reminder.

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apologie accept ,thank you for your understanding but i have been in the crypto system long time ,since i have been in the system i always give the system money never gain nothing back but i don't mind it's like stress reliever for me ,i am nice and very understanding man serving GOD faithful ,follow CHRIST but don't want people to disrespect me because i respect everyone since i was a kid ,GOD bless you ,thank you again

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I'm on it.

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Working on it right now.


this one is a strange repetitive actifit shit I just downvoted - still too high rewards