here is a hint for actifit users- change your freaking titles and guess what- it becomes a regular blog post with benefits


So I started walking around and I realized I can just do an actor fit post and actually change the title at a picture and it's a nice San Diego post for steem which I prefer to only post San Diego related posts on and guess what I can post a picture where I am and it's a beautiful picture of the canyon near my house and then boom we have San Diego content and I get rewarded San for that content I'll probably end up Distributing selling that sand but I like to Ernst and as much as anyone else because it's the scarce for me as it is for anyone else eventually I will be putting the Steam and EOS stand on in immutable smart contract so that I even want a be able to create any more send steam or EOS on any of the accounts other than my own the San Diego coin will be locked the new steem will only be able to be created perhaps through privx and steam engine so that we can centralize all production of San tokens in a decentralized Scott bought distribution point of course that is a little centralized but it's okay Scott pot has to be centralized so they can distribute the send tokens however I could issue tokens on EOS and distribute them send EOS that I'm developing and I do plan on mirroring the steam engine try upgrading the steam engine truck I've been using it for something new and hybrid with steem and eos working together.

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Walking, Yard Work

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your actifit post goes to sts tribe site by default, if you'd check their site more often you can see actifit is spamming it and really destroying a nice platform.