I just got out of jury duty to go work on SteemSanDiego.com and SAND. imagine getting paid jury DUTY tokens for uploading your paperwork- reward civic duty

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today I went to jury duty and was allowed to leave to go work on my San Diego Coi. project since case was 3 weeks. I am so grateful the system works. I want to pay people DUTY tokens which they can sell and use to pay parking g tickets and we can even set up a website that pays people's parking tickets if they have enough DUTY or just sends them a check and we just use bitpay cashapp coinbase to exchange steem to btc to USD. We can just allow people to sell their own tokens and simply create a reaard for civic duty and promote the purchase and support if the token to senior citizens

And these senior citizens will see their purchase of DUTY tokens as their duty to get young people interested in actually serving on jury duty.

You can also have DUTY purchases by the city directly or by a steem engine tribe ads. Or have a system where you can have DUTY Tokens stack up to equal products from supportive local businesses who wont have to give much . But maybe give a free massage to anyone who gets jury duty and use it as a way to promote the business maybe a legal cannabis dispensary can cozy up to the city and reward jury duty token holders free pre rolls or discounts. I could create a discount token coupon book system and companies can pay to get in on the action.


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You know that is Really Funny @ackza that last Time I had Jury Duty when I lived in California almost 30 Years ago a Kid was in Court for Selling an undercover police officer 10 Pounds of WEED. I just Laughed since back then Pot was as you know illegal in Cali........Oh how the times have Changed.


yes and this time i had accidentally brought my vape pen in the courthouse and its legal so it was like a pack of cigarettes in my pocket with my wallet. Yeah didnt cause a problem as long as I didnt go try taking a hit in the bathroom lol i wouldn't do it again but it was an accident that didnt result in life ending. lol I forgot i even had it, i threw it down on the metal detector bucket, it all went through, i saw the cop look an extra second at it and didnt do a think, ultimate test of freedom and i passed lol. How far we have come. lol

San Diego is ready for my token not the other way around.

Oh and that Godang building is so shiney and massive as if to say "Here stands the building of a city that doesn't have any money problems" the city is really showing off with that court house. I feel like its a serious place to do business, oooooh i know why, its qualcomm and biotech oh shit. THATS what its for

shit i have my work cut out for me! There's a lot of people who have a lot of money tied up in the legal system for biotech medical industry, and the big tech like qualcomm and I bet a lot of that stuff goes through these court houses or maybe not but i feel like the san diego government has to be able to handle all of these headie big tech issues... UCSD I better go take a visit... i better go to la Jolla... i guess thats where the city is secretly rules from... Or coronado :D I need to really create a handle on the online tech community of SD. I feel like most of what San Diegans in tech do is all in North County, and international. I have to just discipline myself and create the best framework for the city to fall into.

Everyone knows we will need blockchains for the city government one day and we can use telos egov solutions and test them out here first, and use SDSU and UCSD and USD to test out some telos university systems to onboard all students, allow the schools to have tokens to allow them to pay tuition oh man, its incredible, you do good enough grade wise, and you get discounts on tuition, until if your valedictorian you make money going to school.

:D Douglas from telos even talked about reverse age vote weight where the longer life expectancy the more vote power so the young people get more of a vote. There's all sorts of cool ways to get youth involved in blockchain for schools, because kids already LOVE crypto. And tell some students in jr high, high, or college that you can pay them some bitcoin satoshis worth of tokens for posting their homework, they will love it.

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Thank you for your service to San Diego and yes we have too much work for you to do! But i am sure many of the Jurors were happy to have a two week case to get out of work and be paid :D