Actifit Fitness Competition: Plank your way to 10,000 AFIT tokens!

3년 전

In line with our mission to drive everyone to live a healthier and more active/fit lifestyle, and as promised a week ago, we are excited to announce our first official large scale Actifit competition !


Plank your way to 10,000 AFIT tokens

Plank is an amazing core strengthening exercise that engages several muscles groups, including abs, back, and shoulders, with involvement from the traps, delts, pecs, glutes, and quads (check out more details on wikipedia)
Our competition involves incentivizing you to give this exercise a try, hopefully for 1 week, to bring your best record by the end of this week.
If you perform this on a daily basis, you will mostly be able to get better results towards the end of the week and hence have a higher chance to win!

Proper Plank Form

We are looking for entries in the standard plank form, as depicted in the picture above. You can also find some cool guidelines about doing the proper form in this video below

Competition Rules

  • You have one week to submit one entry for the competition. Deadline is by this post's payout, so the 25th of September.
  • You can make as many trials as you want, on your own, but the single entry you submit here needs to be your one and only, on the risk of being disqualified.
  • You will need to record a video of your plank submission to qualify. You are welcome to use dtube or any other video hosting service of choice.
  • To submit an entry, create a post with the title "My entry to the Actifit Plank Competition", and use the tags #actifit and #actifitcompetition
  • Once your post is ready and you're happy with your result, please also write a comment on this post with a link to your entry.
  • You are not required to upvote nor resteem this post, although spreading the news would be great !


  • The person who registers the longest timing in his plank video will be the winner.
  • If we suspect any video manipulation, you will be disqualified.
  • Actifit team will be the judge of the competition, and our decision will be final.
  • Results will be announced shortly after post payout


  • The top winner will be rewarded 10,000 AFIT tokens, as well as 100% upvote cast from the @actifit account.
  • The second runner up with be rewarded 3,000 AFIT tokens, as well as 30% upvote cast from the @actifit account.
  • The third position with be rewarded 2,000 AFIT tokens, as well as 20% upvote cast from the @actifit account.

During this period, you could also be using our Actifit app to earn more AFIT tokens Android iOS, also by delegating to @actifit account as well whereby you would earn daily AFIT tokens as a share of the 100,000 AFIT tokens daily pool.

To delegate, you can use any of the following links:
10SP, 20SP, 30SP, 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1,000SP, 5,000SP, 10,000SP, 20,000SP, Custom Amount
Make sure you have at least 15 SP left on your account.

@actifit team



If you have any health problems or risks, please do not engage in any activity that can be harmful to your safety, and/or consult with your physician before doing that.

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ok. but guys.... that girl is not doing a proper form!
REALIZE that the plank should be pain free in lower back.
her plank will make your lower back hurt as hell and that will not be plank at all but a lower back exercise,
REMEMBER you need to tuck in your butt(no matter how big your booty is you got to make it FLAT. ) make the lower back straight. only then you will be able to achieve long lasting results. and proper form without any future degradation of your SPINE.
it will take you months to cure yourself from lower spine wrong tilts.
it is an ab exercise not lower spine exercise, it is targeting the whole core.
if you are feeling PAIN in LOWER BACK STOP the exercise . look at how you are doing it. strive for proper painless form.

PLEASE realize that there are many instructors out there who dont know anything about body mechanics. use your own brain to know which is better and healthier to do. and pass on the knowledge.






Thank you my friend!!! :) <3333


I will remember this for sure. Thank you

At least it's good that this app is getting ppl to exercise more

I am in.
EDIT: holy hell the world record is over 8 hours.


we're not looking for a new world record, unless you can make it happen :D


I would say 8 seconds is already nice 😜


I see, the chinese guy!


holy hell indeed. Please don't tell that guy about the contest.


bwahahahahah <333

Always wanted to try it! I'm in, but don't expect me to win something... :)) It will be fun!


we're looking forward to seeing your results !


10 minutes?????!!!!!! Tell me this is some sort of time lapse photography thing!


nope, no timelapse. no edits either. just a man and his will.
lol i do it shirtless when im alone, cos heat dissipates better, but im camera shy so i wont get half naked for steemians lol. maybe in future...
my personal best is 15 mins. focusing on breathing. is a major key. it allows the body not to get too exhausted. and overheated.
but a person really dont need to go above 3 mins for the benefits of a plank. heck even two mins is all it takes. next step is to do it with a little weights.

i spent cold winter nights training just to keep warm. lol.

but to be able to do it longer. one does need to train his lower back. and posture. in a certain way. so that the form would not break down.
if you really wanna test your ab strength and lower back strength then do this and see how long you can last
1 lie down on back flat as possible.
2 lie so that you would not have free space between lower back and ground.
3 raise both legs straightened at 45angle. keep them.
4 while maintaining your lower back in contact with the ground.
time it.

most people cant withstand even 30 secs like that. cos its so darn hard. and the weak lower back spine muscles shows themselves.
i remember how i started to do this exercise to strenghten my lower back.
i did it with one leg at a time. untill i could do it with both legs.


Right off the first rip. Dang homie!!! I will be checking your entry out shortly. hehe <333

Hi. I have done mine. Few days training doesn't get me anywhere. This is all I got. Uploaded via #dtube. Pardon on the radio I was listening to whilst doing my planks.

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Right on :) <333 Great job @davidke20

Here is my entry - if I counted it right, I am at 2 min 41 or 42 seconds. You will hear a lot of funny noises - especially at the end LOL

I am all for age categories 😜

So, I am entering the female 60+ division 😂!/v/mariannewest/5ztjz2ex





Oh dear. So far I have only done one type of plank called flat punctured plank - sleep. Although yes I tried plank before the most is 60 seconds. And my abdomen was shivering.

I shall see whether am I up to it. Or else I shall enjoy others video. Thank you for this awesome content. Way to go @actifit.


Mari², time to challen


no no you gotta give it a try ! :)

I just found out about this contest now, so I went ahead and tried it. 53 seconds? LOL. Oh well! It was fun to try:


I think you are currently in third place as I look through 'all' the entries here on this post!

EDIT: oh boy just found a 10 minute entry that I had somehow missed....well, I respect your effort :)


HOLY COW ten minutes??! They must have like superhero movie actor abs, damn. 😯

not sure if we have to put a link here but I want to make sure i get it right. Just shy of 4 minutes I believe. I have never done a plank in my life.


Go doomy!! Super first-time effort! AC698773-C41A-4226-9FD6-D28A5FB2ABDF.gif

Here’s the link to my entry, it’s not a winner but I tried. For some reason it’s got a nsfw tag, I don’t know why and I can’t remove it!


Lovely personality, great music, wonderful planking effort! ❤️

Ps: From memory, you cannot change the first tag once it’s posted, you can only change the others. I was curious why’d you tag it nsfw, it was a nice little vid. :)

Awesome! I did for 60 sec and my daughter 8 year did for 24 sec. We will try to maintain or increase everyday!


Right on!!! <333

Hah! I am in and I know I am not going to win. But planks are good and I need to rebuild my stomach muscles. Have a big scar that has some unwanted tissue developing and I am working on getting rid of that - but it destroyed my core strength... time to build it up.


thank you. going LOL


You are awesome SiStar!!! <333 :)


so are you!!


Thank you Sweetie! <3 :)

The prizes are unreal.

10,000 AFIT tokens is AMAZING. We're talking about a future 1000$ or 10000$ here.


Indeed! It is a prize worthy of striving for :)) <333

Great initiative, @actifit! Looking forward to admiring all the amazing efforts! 🤣

Me and @guchtere are already challenging ourselves, it's going to be fun.


Something tells me you're gonna take this one! ;) <333


On it already! HAhahaha I used to plank a lot, but after giving so much time to the Steem I kinda stopped. Now I know what I'll do this weekend.


Hahah! Right on! Cheering you on Bro :) You got this!

Nice competition i will work on it
Great job @actifit

Nice competition. I wanna try...

Hell yeah, I am IN! Let's plank it out! :D


That's whats up!!!! Right on @arisinho :) <333

Hi @actifit
Sure I will do it.

im in!

I always do planks for 30 seconds only XD


show us what you can do :D

screw this lol. I just planked for 45 seconds and collapsed. I don't see myself winning this but the incentive is great for a good planker. I'm just happy to try and get my 10,000 steps per day. It has been life changing. The fact that someone will pay me to get off my "assets" and exercise is a life changing idea. Imagine when we can earn $1 a day for this or even $10. WE will all be rather fit I'd say. Great job @actifit


LMAO. Best Comment ;) <333

I'll give it a try, I never know! :)

Resteemed... so, I'll have a reminder every time I'll take a look to my blog! LOL

A fittest hug from @amico!


heheh <333 :))

For some odd reason this app doesnt work for me...

I try and do the plank every night for 1 minute so I will aim to eat that!

I like this idea a lot, but there is no way I would ever win. Is there a prize for the shortest time? lol


mayyybe, give it a try :)

Awesome! Can we do 30 days challenge for pushups next?

You're shitting me?

Nothing like throwing people into the deep end of the pool.

Couldn't you start with something like a jumping jacks competition or something like that? 😀

What is next week's competition, being a contortionist?


Some people can't do jumping jacks because it makes them pee.
I'm just sayin'.
For a friend. ;)


For a friend!




I am saying that too for a friend 🤪


Go big or go home!


I can do dozens of jumping jacks! I vote for this one!

The person who registers the longest timing in his plank video will be the winner.

It would be great if some of these competitions were about improvement rather than absolute numbers @actifit.

Those of use who are older and just beginning to exercise will never be able to compete with the youngsters and the already fit!

If you want to drive "everyone" to greater fitness that's a consideration I feel.


Thanks @gillianpearce, give it a try, you never know :)
It's probably a bit more difficult to measure progress, but we will give this some thoughts, do share yours if you have some in mind !


Ha, ha, ha. There's no way I can do a plank @mcfarhat. I can't even do push ups from my knees.

I can see how it might be difficult to measure progress though.

If I think of anything that would work for those of us less fit I'll let you know.

Hi Actifit team and actifiters!

Here's my application to the contest:

I'm a huge fan of the app! I would suggest for the next time to not give that much to the winner and share the more the rewards between the 2nd and the 3rd.

I would thank you all the team for building this amazing dApp! I've been rewarded both in tokens and upvotes almost everyday!
I'm willing to see the app working on a wearable! :)

Keep actifiting!

I have officially entered! My post includes videos for two attempts, but here I would like to make clear that my official entry is the following:

I believe that is 2:25 or even a bit longer depending of from where you start the timer! Not quite a world record but I am proud of my hard work! Extra thanks to @franciferrer for his thoughts on form!


Well done!!

I tried doing plank today and was abel to hold my self for 2min and 30sec my target till 24th is to reach the 4 minutes mark lets see if i cando so.

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That`s a great news, i will try to do.

This is going to be fun! 😊

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Wish this competition had taken place years ago, I used to be able to do this for ages back when I was playing rugby.

  ·  3년 전

Nice rewards ypu got here :) I will skip this one :D

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longest timing video?
I heard that there are some people who can keep the plank position for more than 10 hours.... lol

I cannot use my actifit application because it does not work properly... but I will participate in anyway. :)


Thanks for replying @jisoooh0202! We hope you try and wish you luck!
Regarding the @actifit app, can you please advise what you mean by 'it does not work properly'?
We would appreciate more information (version, ios or android, in what way it does not work) .. maybe you need to enable 'aggressive tracking' if you are on android or update to the latest version if you are on ios
We invite you over to discord where we can check it out and provide immediate support!
See you there, happy actifitting!


Thanks for your caring, I just joined your discord, but I don't know where to ask for your support or feedback.

Any ideas how to make a movie myself?
Or can this only be done if someone films me?


Prop your cellphone camera against a rock or tree or something. Get creative ;) <333 heheh (I have had to improvise quite often lol)


I'm not creative 😥
Neither do I have strong muscles 😥


Consider this a workout in both :)) you are actifitastic my friend!! Chin up!!! <333

fitness is very important part of our life , i have realised this after 4 years of life without any activity and without any exercise.I have started my fitness activity after 4 hours , and now i am feeling better.

it hurts my lower spine just from watching an improper form hahah.

Soon I’ll have join to you

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Not much time left Edward!


I'll be back ))) soon, maybe even today.

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Good move ... fruit for the fit people ... I like it.


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This is my entry 5min and 14 seconds.

I have really pushed my self very hard to reach to 5 min. All the best everyone.

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Apoyando el proyecto.

Thank you for creating this awesome contest.
Here is my entry: