My Actifit Report Card: September 19 2018

2년 전
                  <br><img src=""><br><table> <tr>        <img src=""> </tr>   <tr>        <div class="text-center"><b>6002</b></div>  </tr></table><table>    <tr>        <img src="">  </tr>   <tr>        <div class="text-center"><pre><b>Aerobics</b></div></pre></div> </tr></table><div class="text-center"><img src=""><a href=""><img src=""></a><a href=""><img src=""></a></div>
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@bindas, I gave you a vote!
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Hey buddy!

Hope you are doing well.
You should describe your daily activity in actifit report card. And please don't try to edit the actifit report card images to overcome the limit of 30 words.What I have seen from your previous reports is that you are doing something against our actifit policies. If you are using actifit tag then your report must be genuine. If same thing repeats, we may restrict your account from receiving further actifit rewards. Hope you understand and adhere to our polices.

@kpreddy(actifit moderator)


Ok ...I will keep in mind.

Congrats! You just reached level 2 milestone via using Actifit fitness tracker and provided Proof of Activity!
You accordingly gained 35 Actifit tokens for attaining 6002 tracked activity!
You also received an 1.39% upvote via @actifit account.