I Got Me Some AFITX

4개월 전

These 10 AFITX are from the airdrop.


As it is stated in the official @actifit announcement: Actifit Major Announcement: Move AFIT To Steem-Engine. AFITX Our New Exclusive Token Announced - Detailed Dive. Airdrop Announce. Daily Updates.

We wanted to reward all of our committed actifitters, so every actifitter who has 100 AFIT tokens or more in his Actifit wallet, will be eligible for an airdrop of AFITX.

The AFITX token initial price is at 10 STEEM/AFIT, and via the airdrop, for every 100 AFIT tokens, you will receive 0.1 AFITX (1 STEEM)

This amount is capped at a maximum of 10,000 AFIT, whereby the maximum reward for any AFIT holder will be 10 AFITX (100 STEEM).

Now, will I use them in some way? Let's wait and see how things develop.

For the starters, you can also read @toofasteddie's article @actifit is again leading the STEEM Ecosystem.

All this underlines and enforces my already established opinion that @actifit project is one of, when not the most, vivid and progressive initiatives on the Steem platform.

Yes, AFIT and AFITX are also a great investment opportunity!

Good work, team @actifit!

Better and better

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Nice, I see I got my first 10 too! Enjoy yours ;)
Great to see @actifit leading the way once again.


Thanks and likewise, enjoy!

I got some too. I have to admit I have not been using Actifit much since I started playing with @exhaust, but I have a few thousand of the original tokens. I am struggling to keep up with what all the tokens do.

Have a !BEER


Thanks :)

You are not the only one struggling to keep pace with the flood of tokens.

Imagine the situation when SMTs will finally enter the game ...

!BEER back!


To view or trade BEER go to steem-engine.com.

Hey @steevc, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Another important observation.

This article was published with @busy.org which now supports more than five tags!


Steempeak.com as well allows you to put 10 tags :)


To view or trade BEER go to steem-engine.com.

Hey @ervin-lemark, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!


I guess they both changed the limit with the emergence of tribe sites ...



You cannot sent token to yourself.

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Thank you very much!

To view or trade BEER go to steem-engine.com.

Hey @ervin-lemark, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!