My Actifit Report Card: July 25 2019

8개월 전

Hot damn! No real activity from me today. Temp of 41C in the shadow is just too much!!!! I hope I will get a bit cooler weather soon!!! Here are some pictures I took during my holiday. It's an anti war monument, remembering the first World War:20190617_151340.jpg 20190617_151331.jpg

House Chores

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Hi dear, thanks for using @actifit :) .. I just want to inform you that to get rewards from actifit you have to reach minimum 5000 activity count incase you don't know about it... :) You can join our discord server also for more details... By the way such a lovely day with beautiful pictures... Thanks for sharing with us...

Stay blessed and have a great day...
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Yes, I know. I normally have a score over 5K. Today was just too hot for that :)

Ouch! That must have been a hot day man.


Hottest day ever recorded in Belgium!!!

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