My Actifit Report Card: September 12 2019


I walked Dog-oh and played disc golf this morning. Dog-oh won't let me out of the house without at least taking him down the block and back. He is really not getting around very well any more but he enjoys a short walk still.

I rode my ebike down to the larger course in town and spent some time enjoying the weather down by the river. There were a few other people walking around and talking too.

Here's a picture of the river today, the color and reflections were looking nice:

The disc golfing was fun but I had traded out a few of my more stable discs for some less stable ones. I kept having shots that I wished I had a disc that I left back home for.

There is only so much room in the bag and if you ride your ebike down to the park it is kind of hard to take everything and the kitchen sink, if you know what I mean.

I saw another person down in the park who was riding an ebike too. He really liked his and had gone through several sets of tires and had over 7500 miles on it. (I have around 750 miles on mine now.)

I was surprised to find out he was homeless. All he had was one small pack and his ebike. I guess he had a spare battery too. Talk about being able to get by with a minimum amount of stuff.

It got me thinking that maybe I should think about just carrying around even fewer discs and not always wish I had the perfect disc ready for any particular throw.

I think that your throwing form is more important anyway and I should be concentrating more on that at this point. On today's game I could be improving more on my follow through. I almost fell down slipping on the wet grass too, so maybe a better balanced throw with less power and more follow-through would be good.

Getting back to the homeless, there sure are a lot of them in the park now. Another person kept asking me for cigarettes and I had to tell him twice that I did not have any.

I really don't mind them being around but there are many piles of trash just thrown around in the park and old lamps and things. I'm not sure what the solution is.

In any case this course is a lot of fun and very beautiful. Here's a picture of an interesting looking mushroom type thingy growing on a stump:

It kind of looks like some old coffee grounds are exploding out of it. Maybe that is what it is, who knows.

In other news, I finally got my other @litesplasher account up to a minnow. I was tired of the slow growth so I went out and purchased some Steem to upgrade it with.

The low budget sale price on Steem was kind of temping and still is. (Not financial advice.)

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+. Text and graphics copyright lightsplasher & litesplasher.

Cycling, Golf, Walking

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Very interesting write-up and your disc golf playing game time , homeless people are everywhere and it is because of the government negligence to Carter for its citizens . Nice actifit score

What cool shots but that mushroom is a bit weird maybe freaky

WOW that guy has clocked up some mile son his bike

Oh, those Mushrooms do look a tad iffy to me! I wouldn't touch them! :)

I think that makes a lot of sense with what you are saying, regarding the throwing discs. You don't have to do the perfect throw for the situation. You have gotten to the point of honing those skills and molding them to a certain way. Think of all the weight you will be giving up! :)

Dog-oh is a tenacious little pup. Have you gotten him the fish oil and has he been taking it? He should be about ten years younger acting, if so. Give him a pet for me.

The homeless problem is only growing. People can't afford life or are suddenly displaced. It is a hard place to be in and a harder place to get out of. Not impossible, but, hard. It is a complex problem with no easy solution.

To help can hinder, to not help can hinder. I will buy them food, but, not give them money. But, then I think, if they are an alcoholic or drug addict, they will steal from someone or someplace to get what they need. So are my thoughts on money wrong?

Le sigh.

No good answers for this one!

Thanks for the post and I hope you keep on pedaling that ebike! You are doing awesome with it!

Have a great night! Congrats on your @litesplasher account growing! :)



Well I did offer Dog-oh some nice lemony flavored cod liver oil but he turned his nose up at it.

Dog-oh said, "WTF? Are your trying to poison me human? That smells like it used to be food."

I will try to find some other mutually acceptable solution for him. I think it is some kind of arthritis or something, he's getting a bit old.

Thanks for your nice comment and support, have a good one too!


It is not cod liver oil, but FISH OIL which works way different and it is exactly for arthritis.

You can find this on Amazon: Zesty Paws Omega 3 Alaskan Fish Oil Chew Treats for Dogs - with AlaskOmega for EPA & DHA Fatty Acids - Itch Free Skin - Hip & Joint Support + Heart & Brain Health

Also, CoQ10 added with it if that works out well enhances it.

I hope it works for him. The three dogs I know that are on it went from an old dog to puppy-like!


Cool! I will look into it, thank you.

Wow 7500 miles is a testament to their quality.

Yeah I was here when Steem was 10 cents and I never thought we would ever be back here again. Too bad I dont have a crystal ball. Congrats on Minnowhood!

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That mushroom thingy is kinda scary, lol. That black stuff exploding out the top probably isn't anything healthy! You must have a lot of discs to not be able to carry them all. And you have to know the characteristics of each one to get the best throws out of them. Wow.
It's a shame there are so many homeless people in the world.


Yup, that's not one of those forest mushrooms that just says, "EAT me" on it. Who knows though perhaps those black dots have some special properties - stranger things have happened, LOL. Disc golf sure is a fun hobby for me. Maybe all these homeless people could be paid to play disc golf in the park, they are always hanging out there anyway. Perhaps they could post there steps on Actifit, it would give them some cash and something to do. There you go - problems solved, lol.

@lightsplasher, This river literally reflecting as Green River and it have very unique essence.

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That river looks pristine, you should trap some fish sometime from it and enjoy some picnic out of it @lightsplasher
That is just what I wanted to do. :D
Anyway I am getting restless about the crypto price praying that my saved funds for my medical needs would not get consumed before another bull run would come again..
But I am still excited , let's hang on.


I hope that eventually things will start returning back into the alt-coins. Bitcoin dominance is pretty high. I think it would be better for everyone in crypto if things balanced out a bit more. Usually in other assets when something gets valued too high people sell that and move into other lower priced assets that might carry less risk and possibly return more. If BTC were to go up up ten times in value that would actually not be a very good thing from a possible regulation and mining standpoint and really not too likely at this point imho. It is very difficult to know where things will go but a very exciting time.

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I was surprised to find out he was homeless. All he had was one small pack and his ebike.

I would say that its home is planet earth xD Lately I've found more and more "homeless" persons that are actually just travelers seeing the world, some of them only have a backup and a tent to sleep which is enough for them to be happy, and they get their money by buying stuff from the mall and selling it mid street for a couple more bucks. I actually envy this people, they are able to live with so little and see all corners of the world, I wouldn't be able to do something similar, I need my laptop, my phone, my internet, my food, my car, my games, etc... which most of them don't want, they just want to live free and see the world


Good point. It seems like traditional homes are turning into more of a liability than an asset. The bank owns them and most people will never pay them off. Even if you pay them off, the tax hit is usually more than the mortgage by the time you have paid for it. At any time the real estate market can totally tank leaving you under water on your loan and not able to refinance. If you can't pay the tax, someone else gets it even if you paid off the mortgage. If really bad weather hits or volcanoes erupt you are more likely to want to stick it out in your house. But it is nice to live in a more permanent structure if you enjoy gardening and a more climate controlled environment, which tends to be the case for most people as they age.

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