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This post represents another update to the work being done on Actifit official website & web solution, Part of this update involved adding support for display of Steem posts on single page, compared to old approach of popup mode, supporting capability of displaying any Steem post, initiating work on user profile, supporting refunding exchange transactions, as well as adding telegram and Actifit whitepaper to the website.

Technology Stack

The website is built using Vue.js.

Work Done:

Commits List:


Single Post Separate View

Actifit website supported till now a single view for activity report, popup mode. We wanted to provide more flexibility to users, but also improve on our SEO, via introducing support for single post display based upon post url.
For this purpose, we implemented support to display single view images, via a URL structure that matches any of the following:
The latter of which actually redirects to the first one.

We wanted actifit site to support usernames with both @ and no @ signs, as initially our username structure did not follow the @ sign, but also that @ sign structure in URLs is not much of a standard.

To accomplish the above, we relied on params for the URLs, by creating new folder structures to support those urls. So we created the following new folder structures

and then setup proper redirection from the 3rd type to take back to our single post implementation

this.$router.push({ path: "/"+this.$route.params.username+"/"+this.$route.params.permlink })

this below is an example of a rendered post

We implemented a full functionality in terms of upvoting and commenting, so as the user experience is complete.

User Profile Page

Following the folder structure and changes above, we initiated the work on a full user page, to contain different types of info pertaining Actifit & Steem users.

As of now, the user profile page is still under progress, and contains basic info, including user profile image, username, number of actifit activit reports, user rank, as well as a link to activity page

Implement Default Moderator Comment Signature

As we increased our moderators and our moderation activity on actifit reports, we found it much easier to proceed with implementing a standard template for moderators, which would display by default as a signature to their comments.

For this purpose, we setup a global moderator signature, under nuxt.config.js, which would then be accessile via the different pages/templates that support our comment system. In case the user is part of the moderation team, the signature will auto-show for them in the comments.

Refunded Transactions Display

We added support for the display of new type of exchange transactions "refunded", whereby users who passed 14 days without a proper actifit post were actually refunded their AFIT tokens used . This info relied on data newly introduced via the API/transactions, whereby the status of the transaction was adjusted to be refunded if it matches conditions above.

Various Additional Changes/Fixes

We implemented the following additional changes:

  • We switched current urls on to actually use instead.

  • We had to roll back some of the changes we had made once integrating the new markdown editor, as unfortunately it faced troubles with some HTML+markdown support, hence we restored some of the regex work we had removed before.

  • We added a link to our new telegram channel.

  • We added a link to our official whitepaper


Further continuous improvements will be done on the actifit website, including a potential revamp of the main page content, adding some additional content pages, a complete fitness profile page, more user rank screens...

How to contribute?

You can chat to us on the official actifit discord, or to me in discord private @mcfarhat#6013.
Contributions are accepted as pull requests to the official github repo.
We are having continuous tasks assigned to different contributors to our project. More official tasks are continuously announced :)

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I have witnessed the amazing development of Actifit from the day one. Great and amazing work. Keep it up @mcfarhat :-) I have lots of friends enjoying Actifit.

There's not much to stay from a reviewer stand point. :) Good alternatives on author/permlink routings.

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Thanks man ! :)


Thank you for your review, @emrebeyler! Keep up the good work!

One on the thing I was shocked not to see yesterday is the total number of steps made under my profile.

Posted using Partiko Android


hey @chesatochi,
can you clarify plz? feel free to share a link or contact us on discord


Under my profile on your website I can't see the total number of steps combined of the 174 reports I submit toward the Steem blockchain.


You mean on we do not show total number of steps, unless it's within a specific post. We show total of AFIT tokens accumulated so far. Although we might be adding number of steps down the road :)
If i got something wrong, please share a screenshot with me


I believe you can implement this function on to calculate the total number of all the report submitted under each user profile. It is a good metric to know

Always improving and doing wonderful amazing work. 👍🙌🤗

Posted using Partiko iOS

Great work! You guys are always enhancing and improving the app!

Keep doing great work.

Posted using Partiko Android

Great work. More strength to you people great work


How about giving the man a nice vote to show appreciation?

Good to see progress with the site. I'm logging a lot more activity recently. This app gives me extra incentive.


Things just get better on @actifit

Posted using Partiko iOS

Very good one guys, more grease to your elbow.

Posted using Partiko Android

I visit more than I can count.

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