My Actifit Report Card: February 7 2020


Hello Actifiters. How's it going with you all? I'm still in lazy mode and not yet doing the best I can as regards exercise. I have stopped being lackadaisical about it and been putting a little more effort into it though. I had to deliver perfumes to a client at Oluyole today. I parked my car at the kids' school car park and walked quite a bit before I picked an Oride. I used the opportunity to do a 15 minute brisk walk. I probably would have gone on longer if the sun wasn't so hot. I was sweating profusely after 10 minutes and by the 15th minute, I could no longer keep up the brisk walk. I delivered the perfumes to a very happy customer and It felt good killing two birds with one stone.

Daily Activity

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That's a good one, yesterday while returning from Shoprite, Dugbe, I deliberately trekked from Queens Cinema to Mokola roundabout it covered about 15 minutes. It was really stressful but I guess worth it


Awesome! We need to seize any available opportunity to get some exercise done. How are u doing?


Yeah, that’s right
I’m fine, thank you
How about you?


Im doing great too... Thanks