Clearing Up Day Outside The Cabin: November 7 2019 feat. Mighty Actifit!

3개월 전

Long day today, we have been lazy lately with getting things done, but when we were told that snow is coming, we found the energy. Mass clear up, got a van for tomorrow to go to the dump with.

Cleaned up trash from over 19years ago!

From before 2001!

This is just pure art right here..

More trash, plastic,glass bottles and bikes..

Not sure how this got there, but its still there as its on a cliff side

Basically Today, we had to get all the wood up I had collected from various building site containers and dead fallen trees up to the cabin, and whilst we where going down anyway back and forth, I suggested that we organised a van and take ALL the crap down that we dont need. It was all random things from carpets, to a printer, old paint tubs full still and masses of sheet plastic.

This made an impressive pile..

We had huge tarps of green plastic that I remember getting from a dumpster, and in the end to the dumpster they shall return! Then I suggested that we could tackle the pile of plywood sheets that we also covered with plastic, turns out there was a lot of it and look at how much shite we got to get rid of 😂

Im now off to the dumpster to get the daily loot to stock up the 400l chest freezer.. We calculated that the food we have had already recycled from 3 trips in I think its been in a week, has amounted to the 280 usd we had spent on the freezer itself. Dumpstering has an awesome ROI 😎

I just cooked a stirfry, 100% freegan even the oil..

This is from Tonights Haul!

Wasnt actually a selection, just 30packs of tortillas and many Lefsers, just sugar, oh and talking of sugar, there was this too!

Have a great day night!

Home Improvement, Walking, Yard Work

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Great actifiting count and also great clean up and dumpster food collecting 👍

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Thanks mate, now we have snow so I guess i wont be getting anymore high counts until i start work again 😃

Hey great clean up @movingman!
So happy to see your Eco-citizen action
You get upvoted 50%
Next time please check the @cleanplanet rules to get 100% upvote !
See you soon

Damn 21K. Awesome count.. good job cleaning up too. !tip


thanks mate!

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That was a whole lot of trash you cleaned up right there @movingman, well done and thank you very much for helping to clean up the planet, it's awesome.

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Er du svensk?! Its always a good idea to cleanup our home! And to tokenize it onchain is even better as we contribute to the future of blockchain! I fucking Love It


Thanks @movingman, och jajamensan jag är Svensk, this account is a manual curation project I am running and my personal account is @flaxz, stay awesome.