Two opposing views on rules for posting on steem, plus My Actifit Report Card: October 21 2019

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This afternoon I was reading a post ('Steemit Is A Solitary Pursuit') from someone I follow (@cflclosers). On my walk home from the train station I thought about it some more. When I got home I called up my steem feed again to have another read of it. Another post ('5 Actifit Mistakes Most Steem Users Make' by @sumatranate) was now at the top of my feed which presented almost the opposite view.

Well, this is interesting I thought. You're reading my @actifit report today and I don't have much to say about my day. I got a few steps done (12K+) but other than that it was just another day! However, I will now attempt to add some valued content to the steem-osphere by discussing these two opposing views.

In 'Steemit Is A Solitary Pursuit' @cflclosers argues that people are too attached to the idea that posts on steem should be long-form like a traditional blog post. He also argues that whatever anyone posts on steem doesn't have to be appeal to everyone. As long as there is some audience, however niche it may be, then it serves a purpose. Reading between the lines, I feel like this is a post criticising folks out there who set rules or expectations for what content on steem should look like.

Regarding short-form posts, a dApp that looks like a twitter client ('steemtwit'?) could just be used for this. However, if that became a thing I would want functionality in my traditional (long-form) steem dApp that gave me the option to exclude these posts (ie. don't show me #steemtwit tags which steemtwit could assign to its short-form posts by default). If I wanted to read these I could just do it inside steemtwit (or not).

To be fair to @sumatranate, his post is specifically about @actifit, whereas @cflclosers is talking about steem / steemit in general. However @sumatranate is promoting a more rigid structure. I think this comes from a collective of people who have come to a shared understanding of what an @actifit post should look like. These people are entitled to their opinion. We all have a right to the right for our voice to be heard.

Personally I try to make the effort to say more than just 'Not much to say today. I went to work. I went home. I did some exercise. Thanks and lots of people vote for me please. PS I hope you like my default title and image :-) lolz' (just to be clear, I have never seen anyone write these exact words!). It makes me sad that low effort posts like this get big upvotes and payouts so I totally understand where @sumatranate is coming from. Also, If I had an exclude tags functionality I could hide things like @actifit which sometimes get annoying, let's be honest :-)

So ... just for fun, let's go through @sumatranate's checklist for this post:

  • Have I used the app to post this? Yes.
  • Have I changed the default title? Yes.
  • Have I personalised the post? I believe so.
  • Have I added additional images? I have used an image that @costanza shared in this great post, because I have no photos to share today (sorry! It's partly because my phone battery was on about 2% on the way home so based on previous experience, I didn't dare attempt to take a photo) ... so ... yes, sort of.
  • Have I used appropriate tags? I believe so.

I hope I haven't offended either of the steemians whose posts I have discussed. I have great respect for the content they post on steem.

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I think that some of the dApps, like Actifit, makes it easy to post just a quick update from the day, and I get frustrated when people talk about this as it's a bad thing. If there was a minimum number of words rule for posting on Steem we would loose a lot of people. I am only in the running community here and like reading about peoples runs, even though there are often just short posts. I know that all the negative debating on and sometimes down-voting of short posts doesn't exactly make ME more eager to be here, that's for sure.


Keep doing what you enjoy. You are doing pretty well in my opinion.

Honestly I think the crowd holding on to the "Steem posts need to be high effort / long form to add value" view is only holding Steem back from anything like mass adoption. Long form blogging in particular is kind of a dinosaur as far as internet content forms go. Articles are still in demand, but that isn't the same thing as a long rambling blog post. Who reads long blog posts except old people who have the internet time machine dial stuck to the early 2000's? The idea that "effort" equals "quality" is particularly ludicrous. A particularly laborious and time-intensive bowel movement is still just poop. The amount of time and effort put into a long blog post has almost zero correlation with how likely other people are to find the content interesting, and in fact there might be a negative correlation if anything as the internet (and society in general) moves toward short form content, easily digestible morsels of information, and memes. A single photo can absolutely be more "valuable" than a photodump post with dozens and dozens of photos but no discrimination as far as what photos to include and what should have been left to rot on a hard drive. What actually adds value is interaction and connections made between people, and engagement sparked. That is what gives value to Facebook, and Instagram, and Reddit, etc. Really the entire core conceit of Steem is ass-backwards, the idea that a proof-of-stake system that values large stakeholders' opinions more than small ones could ever be the basis for a "proof-of-brain" content evaluation system is sooooooooo stuuuuuuuupid.


Thank you for your thoughts sir. Good on you for not complying with some people’s expectation.

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I just think people should post what they what without restriction to the format of the content, and not have to face the wrath of the community. Instagram type content is good enough enough for milllions and millions and millions of people. It should be good enough for us and it is the key to growing this ecosystem. Let the dapps take over without fear of reprisal. Now drink a !BEER lol

Hey @mrhill, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

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