Game Of Thrones

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George R.R Martins incomplete publication collection, A Song Of Fire And Ice, became a favored for fantasy readers globally. And once HBO introduced the TV series Game based Martins books, the series exploded in popularity. Between the written works and the tv show, it has come to be one of the most acclaimed stories in history! - So Martin and HBO have once again joined forces to create the game of thrones audiobook torrent collection. The target is to type of mash the books and the show up, but it is focusing more. The collection includes 5 audiobooks, the first is A Game Of Thrones, that acts to the first season of the TV series.

Are: A Clash Of Kings, A Storm Of Swords, A Feast For Crows, along with A Dance With Dragons. The idea was to provide the fans the best of worlds, since there debates between the lovers of the books and the show Though this series focuses on the books. And this collection is currently gaining the recognition which you'd expect from George R.R Martins powerhouse of a franchise. A book reader can put a voice and lovers all over the world are praising this series as. Many individuals say that even when you're not a fans of the fantasy genre, these audiobook, the original books, and the Television show, will all get you hooked. The audiobook series is, like the novels and show, not complete yet. But with every installment, we may be sure to be treated to intriguing characters, and plot twists which are out of this world.

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