My 1st week using actifit and analyzing my average daily activity

8개월 전

Before i get into the breakdown of my data i would just like to preface this with a little history.

I'm a big guy have been my whole life despite being physically active in school and on the weekends it never really felt like it made a difference no how sweaty i got or physically pushed myself, at the end of the day week month year i was always gaining weight.
however about 14 years ago i started a physically active job that didnt help me lose weight but it did stop that forever uptick year after year. unfortunately i lost that job about 7 years ago and never really got back into that line of work so the climb year after year continued once again.

last year though(10 months ago) i stumbled onto a lifestyle change that most people would consider at least in the states as completely unsustainable and at the very least incredibly hard to maintain regularly due to temptation and that was the keto diet.
without going into the full details of that in this post i would just like to end this with saying it completely opened my eyes to my entire life's previous eating habits and in turn my own misunderstandings to how i was approaching trying to become healthy and while i have struggled internally over the last nearly year fighting the urges that 3+ decades of muscle memory eating habits have ingrained into me i finally feel like i am making progress week to week in letting the past go in regards to the food i used to consume daily in mass.

however that was only step 1 to my transformation.
step 2 is what i will start focusing on this year ontop of my dietary changes and that is activity.

in the last 7 or so years i have done very little of it from day to day and have spent most of the time sitting in front of my computer living a very sedentary life and i want to change that for the betterment of my health.

what i hope to keep track of since downloading actifit and keeping my phone on me every chance i get is a general but clear picture based on this weeks baseline average daily activity progress in becoming more and more active until i see the combination of my dietary lifestyle change this past year and my physical activity change bring me to a healthier state of mind and body.

now onto week 1
i spent this last week except for day 1 when i wanted to just reach 5k steps and make a 1st post doing completely everyday activities that Ive done for many years.
this is incredibly low and i completely expected the entire week to never reach 5k steps in a single day which i was right.
1st week of actifit.jpg

1st week of actifit chart.jpg

now in my own pursuit of trying to figure out ways of motivating myself consistently to be active i have ordered a treadmill a little over a week ago. it arrived on monday but in the process of moving the box into the house i hurt my back and neck and im simply trying to give it some time before i dig into assembling it all and giving it a go for the 1st time. in the meantime this next week i will be tasking myself to achieve at least 1k steps a day. and given that ive got some mowing to do and other basic chores errands i dont see that being a problem.

i would also like to dig into the peak times of the day that i have been active this last week to determine if i naturally have a peak hours that i assume just have more energy or feel like doing more on my feet.

my 3 highest peak times according to actifit each day were
jan 8th noon,12:15,and 9pm
jan 9th 1:45pm,2pm,and 5pm
jan 10th noon30,8:15pm,and 10:15pm
jan 11th 1:15pm,2:15pm,and 10:45pm
jan 12th 1:15pm,10:15pm,and 10:45pm
jan 13th 3:45pm,4:30pm,and 7:30pm
jan 14th noon30,2:15pm,and 7:30pm

based on these times its pretty easy for me to see that im most active typically around lunchtime and sometime late at night. i can easily account for the midday times being roughly when i had lunch its not always at the same time but at least i can say between noon and 2pm is a time i could target that as having a decent amount of energy. the later times id have to guess are split between when i leave my computer for the night and the occasional late dinner.

thats all ive got for now. but next week i will track this again and see if i at least reached 1k steps per day and if those peak times of activity shift.

until then
stay cheesy,

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13,089 steps total for the week. certainly needs improvement and definitely would have normally done less if it wasnt for the initial kickstarted 5k step day.
week 2 goal base steps 1k per day and total steps at least better than the previous week whatever that may be.

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