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Recommend energy test

Have you ever heard a name in the ad, why did you buy a brand of a general item instead of another? We all do that. Advertising sometimes influences us through counseling power. We recognize the name of the product as well. Why can not we be sure And then we buy the product.
When the power of the consultation occurs in medicine it is called the "Playboy effect" chapter 2 connection. A placebo is a substance that is not healing properties. Yet this same substance causes the patient's condition to improve. Why? Because he believes that he has the power to do this. This placebo effect.
Is it real One way to try to find out is through a scientific experiment. This guess will check. An estimate is a proof which is based on evidence and that, most importantly, can be examined. In this case, hypothesis is the effect of the Playboy effect. Those who take a placebo for illness will be better.
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Let's imagine a test that will test the effect of the Playboy. Hypothesis will be tested on a group that is called "Project". Everyone in the examination must believe that they are taking similar treatment for the same problem. They need to believe that they are treated the same way. This is called a "blind" test. They do not know whether the drug or other treatment or a placebo is obtained.
For our testing, let us be concerned about a cold catch of our issues. They all believe that they help in cold resistance to taking high levels of Vitamin C. Some issues will be given to a placebo, but they will believe it is vitamin C. If the effect of Playboy is real, then everyone in the examination should be less cold. It does not matter if you do not accept vitamin C or not.
Check hypothesis
Half of the subjects will take vitamin C rose. The other half is the same look that will take the rose but placebos are also. For example, they may be made of powder sugar.
To test the effect, all subjects take "Vitamin" medication for a month. We all know how to react to their spots. This is our experimental information. At the end of the examination, which team is considered to be cold? If there is no difference, the effect of the passabybo can be real.
To test hypothesis further, we will follow. When the test is finished and sugar is not given in half of the test, the increase in the number of cold grades detected by the subjects?
If so, then we have more evidence to support our hypothesis. What was the result when they believed that they were taking vitamin C? How did these results happen when they stopped taking medicine? The point of comparison is this.

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