Importance Of it Photosynthesis

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Of it
Energy that supports life on Earth starts with a reaction
Takes energy from sunlight and stores it as a chemical bond
Glucose and other simple sugar molecules. This reaction is called
Photosynthesis Photocell synthesis basically occurs in plants and some
Types of bacteria.
Food Chain Fotininesthesis is the basis of the world's food order. At
Producer below the food chain, take that energy to the plant
Sun and convert it to glucose and other organic chemicals
Molecules Animals (including themselves) get ultimately from strength to strength
Photocell synthesis, because we eat plants or other animals eat
Plants Almost all the energy of living objects can be detected by this
Important feedback.
Oxygen release
Photocell synthesis creates oxygen in our atmosphere. Without
Illuminating creatures, the Earth can not support life. Though
Oxygen is a common component of the Earth, usually trapped by rock
And minerals of compounds like calcium carbonate (CaCO3).
Deleting CO2 **

Photon synthesis removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. For
Each of the glucose molecules produced, is carbon dioxide six molecules
Moves from the air, and oxygen is produced in six molecules.
Carbon dioxide absorbs infrared radiation and therefore heat trap
Atmosphere. If there is too much carbon dioxide, the planet
Can not cool yourself by radiating energy into space. High level
Carbon dioxide can be responsible for the warmth of the earth by a variety of
Degree in the last 200 years. You can think of ways to fix
Carbon dioxide levels

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