Monetize Your Social Media Channels with ActnEarn SMT : Action # 31

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There are enough RCs now so no need to merge your contributions in one reply. Please do as you sed to do before HF#20


Brief Introduction for Today's Action

Action for today is to promote Redmi 6A (Black, 16 GB)

Procedures and Rules to Participate

The rules and procedures are laid out in How can you earn rewards with ActnEarn. Please read it carefully, take actions as described, and earn upvote on your comments. SIMPLE!!!

Support us by Delegating SP to ActnEarn

Delegate SPs to @actnearn. To delegate SP to @actnearn you can use this link to enter your username, the amount of SP you want to delegate, and place actnearn as the user you are delegating to.

We thank our delegators for their immense faith in us and their support - @pandit, @renutyagi , @tumbaktu, @michelios, @mahimas, @blockcryptochain. Now our SP Weight is 16,769.

What our supporters will get

  • Delegators will receive 10 actnearn SMT tokens per month for each delegated SP when SMTs are launched.
  • We will calculate loyalty and influence index of DOERS from the data till the date SMTs are launched. Participants will be awarded actnearn SMT tokens based on that loyalty score.

How do we expect to grow value of actnearn SMTs

  • Our social influence services can be used by paying in actnearn SMTs
  • Our social influence services can also be used by paying in fiat currency.
  • Earnings from both these sources will be used to grow the value of our SMTs

To know more about the actnearn project pls read our introductory post

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@actnearn I didn't understand how with 91 followers vote value is 0.35$ whearas with 5000 friends and followers vote value is only 0.28…..skorr value is becomes very confusing....whole thing changed since this system of skorr and hardfork of steemit….its no longer interesting and motivating....


@actnearn why I started getting only 0.28$ vote value whear ealier I used to get 0.5$ vote skorr value is also high….what is the difference with those who getting 0.5$ vote with same no of friends and my facebook profile is more active than theirs


Hello desikaamukkahani, You are not in skorr friend list for actnearn. Temporarily reply picture proof of your SKORR index and engagement index. And also Do 1) Raise a ticket with SKORR asking why they are not linked to actnearn, 2) act on all the actions provided by actnearn that would allow Skorr Artificial Intelligence based algorithm to establish your friendship with actnearn, 3)It seems that those who are following, sharing, liking, and replying our actions on Instagram are being connected to us on Skorr easily. So pls try to do that as well.

hello @actnearn now can i share link? because i miss this action by mistake..