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Ever experienced writer's block?

That's probably because you ceased or curtailed your reading hours.

Let's be honest, writers don't do anything special to write well. They mainly indulge in reading regularly. When we read (it could be anything), ideas start popping automatically.

To write, one needs to read first!
As we can't explain without understanding, we can't write without reading.

Reading exposes us to all kinds of emotions, situations, memories, problems and their solutions too. It makes our mind wander off to far-away and to even non-existent territories.

When that happens, our mind exudes numerous creative juices and our subconscious mind fertile barren grounds, enabling us to write.

Here, you now know the greatest secret of a writer!

P.S.- Reading alone is not enough. There are various other skills that also need to be developed over time.

P.P.S.- If the reading hours haven't diminished, try changing genre or platform (if you read online).

We all played this game in our school days and found it quite amazing..
Name, Place, Animal & Thing...

Let us go back and revise those memories again...
I don’t think there would be any official rules of the game save those we create for it ourselves. Here are the rules we played by:

  1. Let us assume four people are playing - A, B, C and D. A ask B to start. That means B will count the letters of the alphabet in his/her mind till A asks B to stop.

  2. B then lets everyone know of the letter he stopped at.

  3. Now everyone has 10 -15 seconds to write down a name, a place, an animal and a thing - such that everything begins with the same letter B mentioned.

  4. Then all the entries are tallied - unique entries get 10 points and common entries get 5 points. If you miss a column, you get no points.

  5. The game goes on for a few rounds with different people selecting letters like in step 1 and the person with the highest score at the end wins.

This is the best game for the concept of NOUN and increasing the VOCABULARY of a learner...

Back then to those days, we never thought of it.... but yes let the child go with his/her friends and play this exciting game and be a part of it...

Don't be a spoilsport...


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