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Companies are trying to lure freshers in the name of internship to actually get done their work for free.

This is so applicable on writers and seo & smo executives.

There is so much technicalities required in effective copywriting and organic seo results.

In the name of non paid internship, companies will destroy all the opportunities for a good career start for freshers. .

In 2015-16, I was working with a student in his 2nd year of college.

I paid him equal to the amount I was getting for a blog.

I trained him to the point that she became a replacement of me and my writing.

When it comes to getting a full time job after graduation, he was able to secure double of the offer just because he knew the ins and outs of web writing for different industry.

What I got? A sense of satisfaction of helping someone get a good start because I didn't get it.

Why I call him he was and is my replacement is because if I know whom to approach to write for me to the same standard when I need a second hand in my work and someone needs a good writer.

TIP: don't go with internship. Go as freelancer. It will add to your worth. Internship doesn't work in writing and seo anymore.3F8A77A7-1AEA-473C-A752-751C42DF269C.jpeg

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