Lets compare the developers activity for Ethereum and EOS

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Santiment (SAN) [11.17.49, 04 Oct, 2019].png

Santiment is a source to wealth of information on crypto projects. The chart above shows developers activity for Ethereum, EOS, and all the defi projects on ethereum from santiment database.

Below are key observations from this chart

  1. Developers activity for ethereum is much-much higher than that of EOS
  2. Developers activity for key defi projects on ethereum is also significantly higher than that of EOS
  3. On average the developer activity is increasing

Below conclusions can be made from above observations:

  1. Ethereum will keep much higher valuation than that of EOS simply because more technical talent is developing on ethereum
  2. The decline in ethereum price since Jan'2018 has not deterred developers.
  3. The declining trend of ethereum price is not in sync with the energy, time and talent spent developing Ethereum ecosystem. The valuations have to go up with developers activity.
  4. DeFi is latest innovation wave on ethereum and will keep motivating developers to develop newer products
  5. EOS has to do lot of catch up to attract developers.
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ETH is the way to go. Good project. Good people behind it. Clear roadmap. Ambition. But it has to be executed in the right way.


what is the right way?


The way as planned with clear communication. Step by step. But I’m sure they can pull it off.

The comparative is flawed, it only tracks 11 projects on EOS, there are dozens of projects missing from there...
For example dappradar tracks nearly 500 EOS DAPPs