Bangladeshi actor sohana saba is good actor!!

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Performing artist Sohana Saba, who went to Thailand to play for her own private visit subsequent to shooting with chief Murad Parvez, In Thailand, in the wake of posting engaging pictures on his Facebook divider consistently, the fascination of fans has extraordinarily expanded the fascination of him. Presently the fascination draws in the breeze.

As of late, another tune "Shriripu" has been discharged on YouTube in Saba. She has showed up on the screen as an exceptionally engaging player in the short run. Which has expanded the engaging quality of the gathering of people to several times.

The video of the tune discharged demonstrates that performing artist Sohana Saba is sitting in a bar. Kolkata TV performer Rajatov Dutt is sitting in a similar table. Saber wearing sara. Half of which is open. It is likewise observed that Kajol Makhha's two-looked at long for The melody, titled 'This Night', was played by Shilajit's voice on the mood melodies. Other than the melody, he will be found in some intense scenes in the film. The movie is coordinated by Ayan Chakraborty.

Sohana Saber will make her introduction in the film of the new film. In the film, on-screen character Indranil, Rajput Dutt, Chiranjit Chattopadhyay, Rudranil Ghosh, Sudipta Chakraborty and others have likewise played.Logopit_1524778603970.jpg

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