PainKiller - Whats Your Addiction? (Part 1)

8개월 전

We all have been going trough ups & downs in life. There is soo much of stress load on our head which affects us it many negative ways. Financial stress, love life stress, work stress, being better than others stress and so on. There is no limitations when it comes to stress. It has become a part of life and we have to adjust & live with it.


But to make the journey of life smooth we pick up different addictions to keep things under control. Don’t worry not all addictions are bad. Though some are bad but it’s a personal choice after all.

In this part 1 I will talk about all the good addictions that helps us to take our pain away. The natural painkillers.



Yes music is an amazing way to destress. It heals the soul. Most of us know how powerful music is and how it affects our day to day life. It gives us comfort & peace. We tend to forget the pain and sorrows and get lost in the trance of music.



Working out is a way to sweat out all the stress that is bothering us. Be it pumping some iron or running outdoors, exercising is the best for our body. Not only it will erase all worries in your head but also make you fit & healthy. It is the time when your disconnect from the world and focus on your wellbeing.



Who doesn’t love to travel. It is the most amazing thing we can do. It is the best of the best stress buster. When we travel we leave behind all the stress & troubles. It instantly gives us hope & positive feeling. The high you get while traveling is difficult to explain. We meet new people, we talk with them. We end up learning soo many new things. Traveling is never enough. We want to travel more & more.



When all doors shut, the only Hope & Faith we have is in God. Praying can do miracles. It gives hope & strength. We know that no matter what god will never leave us stranded. When times are tough, we give in to god. Pray day and night for a better tomorrow. When god answers our prayers the faith in him multiplies.


Reading & Writing:

I had to leave this for the last. It is the best of the best addiction ever. Reading not only gives us knowledge & helps to make our mind sharp, it also helps us to forget our worries and get lost in words. We get inspired by what we read and creates a positive aura around us. Writing is an amazing therapy too. We have soo much in our mind. Soo much knowledge overflows while we sit to write. It is a way to drain out all the worries and sorrow trough that pen. It is an amazing addiction.

So here are the addictions that are not bad at all. Next part I will be talking about the bad addictions that we use as painkillers.

So what’s your painkiller from the above? Let me know in the comments :)


Thank you for your valuable time for visiting and reading my post.


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