I’m An Addict! First Week Update!!!

2년 전

I’m An Addict! First Week Update!!!


In case you are unaware of what’s going on and missed my post last week I’m a gambling addict who’s chosen to quit for good and cleanse my soul. You can find that post here

This week was pretty hard for me to get through. I didn’t realize how many temptations exist throughout day to day life. I run in to someone at work who talks about the hockey game score and think about proline. I go to the store to grab smokes and see the lotto booths and scratch tickets (although I never played scratch tickets) it still sends a trigger. I played some games on my phone and casino ads pop up and trigger temptations. Even at my sons football game the people walking around with 50/50 tickets made the demon appear.

I was having trouble deciding what is or isn’t considered gambling. I came to the conclusion that everything that remotely resembles gambling or evening winning is a no no for me.

I was playing in a Fantasy Football league here on Steemit. It was 5 SBD to enter and that was 7 weeks ago. Its not like it’s something you need to keep paying more money for, so I can play it right? Wrong!! I can’t play it. I deleted the yahoo app and will no longer be participating the fantasy league. Why? I can’t because the fact of keeping small border line gambling things around in my life can and will trigger other gambling. What I win the fantasy league then that rush will bring back that damn demon!

I am so fucking proud of myself this week. I didn’t gamble on anything at all. Not one penny!! I deleted ever app that had anything to do with gambling. I refrained from my daily sports score checks to see who won what game because it doesn’t really matter anyways. Yesterday and today were great days for me. I spent a ton of time just playing with my children and enjoying life without checking scores or making bets or even thinking about my fantasy team or anything at all. I actually lived my life this week for what it really is.

I love my accomplishment so far and really appreciate all the support I’m receiving from all of you. My motivation to fix my life and those around me is still at 100% and I couldn’t have done it without people to talk to at certain times.

Week 1 was a complete success and let’s carry that through week 2 now. There are some things I need to do this week which are mandatory in terms of staying quit forever.

  1. Banning myself from Casino Nova Scotia

At first I was thinking what if things change then I can’t get unbanned so I’m fucked? What if there’s a concert there or something I want to go to? Am I serious lol, that’s the demon trying to keep paths to his glory hole open for me. Fuck you bud I’m banning myself from the casino for life!

  1. Banning myself from Atlantic Lotto Corp!

I said near the same garbage to myself in regards to this as to the casino. What if things change and I want to gamble again in the future? I can’t get unbanned from Atlantic Lotto Corp! Of course I want to be permantly banned you dirty demon bitch. For ever and ever and ever!!!!

These 2 things are the most important things for me to do this week. If I’m actually serious about staying quit for life then I need these bans in place. I will let you guys know how I make out this week and if I’m true to myself or not!

Thanks and love you all!!!

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Great effort keep it up :)


Thank you so much @j85063 it really means a lot to me

WOW!!! My buttons are bursting with pride. Great job. I did not know you could ban yourself from the Casino and the AtlanticLottery. What a great idea. Great idea removing all other apps and distractions. I have removed all the emails that come from stores to shop online shopping, but sadly they are still on the internet. I have not found out how to ban myself from the internet. But I have been faithful. Nor do I know how to ban myself from the mall or any store for that matter. lol... However, you will be proud to know I have not spent one single cent. Other than food to eat and gas for the car. I made a deal with Dad and even wrote myself a letter. No clothes shopping until I am 70. Now that is a long time. Unless something is worn out and I need it. Like rainboots etc. Any purchases for the home I run through Dad to see if we need it. Done with piling up credit cards too. Cash for me. Keep it up, I taste a blueberry cheesecake. Love you so much xx


Yes you can ban yourself and it’s on my list for this week. I am determined to stay quit forever so it must be done. Thank you for the love and support. I am excited for cheese cake

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Well I for one think that is the most awesome idea. Lots of artist's play in other places in the city ie. Universities and such and at the Common's. At the Emera Center in Liverpool etc. So lots of chances to see them. Also the entrance into the auditorium at Casino Halifax is a separate entrance. However, I would never take that chance. I am determined to stay quit forever too, this has been my karma, all this stuff here. lol. I have confidence you will fly. Cheese cake. yummy..soon xx

Wishing you every success, @hendrix22!

Great stuff - keep it up YOU can DO THIS..you are keep going!!


I really appreciate the support @kiwiscanfly!! Thank you so much. One week at a time, one day at a time, one hour at a time!! :)

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Off to a good start eh? Congrats on week 1


Hell yeah Michael!!! It feels amazing as well! Thanks brother

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Wishing you all the best with this. I hope that finding other things to do will reduce the temptation.


I think the temptations will always exist but will become less frequent and less powerful! Thanks for the support Steve!

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Eh bro congrats, it takes a big man to admit he was wrong. so big up to you.
Likes ya style!

In time, which is always on your side, it becomes easier and easier. The lures will always be there, the key is knowing what triggers them and how to get yourself to stay away. I can now look at any website and any store and walk on by. I do not get that rush. That urge. I do not know when it happened exactly but it did happen. Good Luck. !!!

Nice job, I know that's can't be easy. Talking about it and the temptations will help. You'll find lots of support here!

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